Jump Arunachal 2021, National parkour and free running competition

7 participants of Arunachal Pradesh are also taking part.

LEKHI: The Jump Arunachal 2021 sporting event for national parkour & free running competition begins at Lekhi for the youths and students being participated by representative of seven states of the country.

Takam Tatung, President, Kreeda Bharati inform that the event is organsied by Kreeda Bharati, Arunachal Pradesh in which 7 participants of Arunachal Pradesh are also taking part.

A total of 78 participants mostly are students taking part and representing their own state like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Utter Pradesh, Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh with coach from Maharashtra.

The participants were playing and taking part in various events of the discipline which include style run, speed run, parkour jam, wall jump, scatting, style jumpimg etc. he said.

It is a new concept for us, though this sporting event not a part of Olympic gaems so it is not known to everyone however this sporting event is same like other games and sports. Tatung said.

We will approach the state government, department of sports and youths affairs, Sports Authority of Arunachal Pradesh to support such event and youths participating the such event in future. Tatung further said.

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Inaugurating the sporting event as chief guest, Additional Secretary (Education) and Director (TCL) Ranphoa Ngowa in his address “ I as a student has tried several games and sporting events to not only to win the gaems and sport but also remain fit and fine”.

He said ‘ the term impossible itself say that everything is possible if maintain discipline and work with a sincerity, devotion and dedication with a determination to get participation and win the race’..

The state government has given an opportunity to the meritorious sports persons in their respective discipline have got government employment and enjoying their life with a dignity so it would be better that the participants play any games and sports with a discipline and sincerity. Chief guest said.

A new threat is also affecting the youths by the drug menace and urge upon the youth and students community to remain away from the clutch of drug addiction and join any types of sports and games to remain fit and fine with a healthy body and sound mind. He added.

Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (APLA) OSD to Speaker P N THongchi and senior journalist Taba Ajum attended the inaugural ceremony as guest of honour and special guest respectively.

Both the guest of honour an special guest motivated the participants and the audience always to maintain daily exercise and take part in games and sporting evening to remain fit and fine and good health and also support others in making the fit India movement a success.

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