Itanagar: Effect of A24 news, garbage cleared from TRIHMS Premises 

ITANAGAR-   Our objective was fulfilled, we wanted to get the garbage spread in the hospital premises should be cleaned and it happened….. Yes, we are talking about TRIHMS. On April 22, a news was published in Arunachal24 regarding the filth spread in TRIHMS campus. If you have not read that news, then you can read it by clicking on the link given below.

Arunachal: Cleanliness is far away in TRIHMSAlso Read-  Cleanliness is far away in TRIHMS

Tomo Riba Institution of Health and Medical Science (THRIMS) hospital has cleaned, All its windows, lintels and walls, giving an indication of the new clean and hygiene Hospital for the denizens.

Few days back a report was published  in Arunachal24  regarding the unhygienic  condition of the hospital, today the TRIHMS authorities have replied with an action.

Dr. Dukhum Raina, Chief Medical Superintendent of TRIHMS commented “Yes we do clean twice in a day including mopping of floors but in critical area are very difficult to clean. Even though I made point to clean such places frequently as and when required. Cleanliness is our priority for infection control”

When Dr. Dukhum Raina was asked about how to preventing public from littering he said that “Law abiding citizens should behave in a mature way and will have to enforce strictly whether one likes it or not by employing security personnel”.

Itanagar: Effect of A24 news, garbage cleared from TRIHMS Premises 

Further he appeal to the public to cooperate with authorities, concern by showing maturity as this is our state’s property we all should take ownership to keep our own hospital neat & clean. We are always on toe to keep the hospital premise clean & tidy doing so and willing do in near future too”

The public needs to understand their basic fundamental duty as a citizen, complaining alone is not enough. Since the Hospital authorities have heard the voice of the public now it is the turn of the public to show some responsibility.

No matter how hard the management tries to keep the hospital campus clean it is not possible without the cooperation of the public. So we as a public first needs to change our practices and show some amount of maturity & responsibility in keeping the hospital campus clean.


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