Arunachal: Cleanliness is far away in TRIHMS

Hospital Authorities said "visitors are not cooperating".

NAHARLAGUN- ( By Geli Riba )- When you visit Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science ( TRIHMS ) Naharlagun, one of the big hospital of Arunachal Pradesh,  you can easily spot,  Hospital’s walls covered with tobacco spits, windows, lintels  filled with waste materials and garbage, which make the entire hospital campus very  unhygienic and irony. The sign of “No smoking and Chewing Gutka, and Don not Spitting on the wall” is all over the Hospital campus,  but who cares right?.

Chief Medical Superintendent TRIHMS Dr. Dukhum Raina  expressed his concern  when he was asked about the cleanliness in the hospital. He said “ Every day we clean up the entire hospital building twice a day, but the windows and lintel garbage are a matter of concern, we have  tried to clean it before also  but the design of the building isn’t helpful enough to get climbed and clean it.


The windows open towards outer side, making it difficult to reach and even if we make bamboo ladders  to clean it, it cannot be done on the regular basis, of course for practical reasons, so it is little tough to clean these part, Said Dr Raina.

He said, the food items from outside  and tobacco products are also not allowed,  but people bring it on their own and you don’t want to be disrespectful to a patient .

Dr Raina further  said that, the garbage bins have been installed in every corner of the hospital, but some people find it more comfortable throwing their garbage out the window, not in garbage or dustbin.

In other to maintain a sanitary and hygiene environment around the hospital, our public has to be more responsible to their own duties, in order to bring efficient outcome of our efforts” said Dr. Raina.

However, he assured this correspondent to clean it as soon as possible.

The security guards at the hospital are in incharge of preventing the public from spitting and littering the hospital. One of the security guards, Toram Joy mentioned that “earlier on the interval basis they used to check pockets and bags of the person who entered the building and restricted all the fault items, but the public complained about it very often and urged a lot with us, so we stopped that practice” he said.

He further added that “public misbehaves a lot when they are being pointed out for their wrong practices”.

Meanwhile,  It is the responsibility of the Hospital Authority to maintain proper sanity & hygiene practice in the hospital campus. If public and visitors are not cooperating , it is the duty  of  hospital authorities to come forward with a suitable formula and have to tackle the situation tight fully. But the clean, and hygiene in the hospital  campus should not be compromised at any cost.


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