Itanagar: UAIPF organises Candlelight March against CAA

Thousands took part in the candle march to Rajbhawan to show respect to martyrs who fight against CAA in Assam and Tripura and other part of NE region.


The road leading to the Raj Bhawan was dazzled by thousands of candles lit by thousands of people who voluntarily participated in the peaceful candlelight march held  today evening in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act  ( CAA).


The Protesters mostly consisted of students, senior citizens, student leaders and intellectuals who took part in the peaceful candlelight march organized by the United Arunachal Indigenous People forum (UAIPF) against CAA.

The rally started from the tennis court complex, passed through zero point, and ended at the Raj Bhavan campus.

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 In his address, President, UAIPF  Laffe Paffa said that the people of Northeast states would never accept the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

 ‘We are not against the government. Our movement is against the Draconian Act, which is being forcefully implemented to destroy the tribal culture and identity, he said.

Demanding immediate roll rollback of the Act, Laffe  said sentiment is running high throughout the Northeast, and people are now either scared and angry over the passage of the bill.

 “we will continue to protest against the CAA until it is repeal or scrapped”. We are one and we will not let our brothers in other parts of NE region to fight alone. Laffe added.

Organizing Chairman , Tai Dukam said that our support is with all people who are fighting against the CAA. We shall continue to support the movement. Today movement has joined voluntary and thanked all those who have supported in any form in fight against the CAA-2019.

Another protester termed the Act as unconstitutional, stating that The BJP government may have the mandate, but it did not give them the right to distort the constitution by forcibly enforcing the Act which was rejected by the people.

 We believe that, if  CAA not withdrawn immediately, will one day destroy the social fabric, unity and peaceful atmosphere of the entire Northeast as well as the entire nation. So I want to request the Prime Minister to immediately revoke the Act,” a lady protester opined.


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