Itanagar- NCWC requests authorities for construction of protection wall, roads and drainage system damaged due to landslides

Itanagar-  Niya Colony welfare committee (NCWC) requested State government and Capital Region MLA Techi Kaso to early constructions of RCC protection wall, colony roads, and drainage system damaged due to landslides.


Speaking reporters NCWC president Yura Tachik said that the due to incessant rains the landslide was occurred on 9th, 10th and 11th of this month and many portions of the colony road had been damaged and blocked  by massive landslide at several locations since then.  However it was opened temporary but in pathetic condition.

The indiscriminate landslides was occurred due to multiple water logging at under constructions Chief Minister Banglow at upper sides of colony at Niti Vihar, said Tachik.

That was a disaster but not natural calamities because it was occurred due to carelessness or without taking preventive measure to constructions of building by concern department, He claims.

And there are absolute chances of further such causes and colony people also feeling insecure in living in fear. He informed.

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During landslides Colony road, culvert, protection had been damaged and one Maruti 800 car and few house were partially damaged.

The boundary all of several minister bungalow at Niti vihar has collapse and it has carry huge mudslide down below the Niya colony and created havoc this year. There is urgent need of preventive measures to be taken up by the government and department. He said.

Tachik further appeal the state government and department concern to immediately take up the protection measure and also provide relief to the landslide victims of Niya colony as well.


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