Itanagar: DNGC organised Crowd Funding for sanitary napkin

ITANAGAR-  The Women Cell of Dera Natung Government College (DNGC) organised a crowd funding drive for sanitary napkins in the Orchid lawn of the college today. The Principal of the college, Dr M Q khan, faculty members, non teaching staff and students turned up in huge numbers to support and contribute for the cause.

Ms Geyir Ete, Convenor of Women’s Cell, DNGC stated that menstruation shouldn’t be looked down as a taboo but rather a positive sign indicative of the human race thriving. The purpose behind the drive is to spread awareness and remove the stigma related to menstruation, she added. Also, she highlighted how the fund raised will be used for the benefit of the girl students of the college, who are more than 1800 in number. In case of emergency, any girl student could approach the Women Cell for pads, undergarments and wrappers/skirts.

Dr M Q Khan, Principal, DNGC commended the initiative taken by the Women Cell and expressed how he believes that its high time to normalise the discussion related to menstruation and not to consider it as something inappropriate to talk about.

Besides the faculty members of various departments lending their full support, Dr Taro Sindik and Mr Goli Nyodu, Assistant Professors from the department of Hindi and English had been serenading throughout the event, encouraging everyone to come and donate for the fundraiser.

The program was coordinated by Assistant Professors Ms Mimik Nyodu, Co-convener-cum-Treasurer and Ms Tobom Nyori, Co-convener of Women Cell, DNGC.


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