Itanagar: Despite Govt Warning, ATCO appeal youths to support bandh


Where the district administration taking strong action against proposed ATCO bandh, on the same time ATCO leaders met the media persons in the dark evening on Thursday.

Talking to media persons Abo Tani Clan Organisation (ATCO) President informed that “we appeal the youths and general public specially to all five clan members to support the bandh for the greater interest of the Abo tani clan members”.

He said it would welcome if the DATCA is immediately created and appeal all political leaders not to politicised the issue.

Yamra Taya while said that ” the democratic movement  intensified in all the Abo Tani clan members dominated area of state after several discussion and decision of the senior ATCO members”.

When asked about detention of few of their Executive Members Taya said that no executive members have been detained so far even if some one have been detained.

ATCO General Secretary Kipa Natung while said that ”  we are for the society and welfare of the community. We are not playing any politic but sincerely appeal the people to fight for the community development” .


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