Arunachal: The Budget Session of the 7th Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Begins


The Budget session of the 7th Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly began on Monday. The 9-day session will conclude on 10th of March. Giving a big boost to the Digital India initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly has implemented the National e-vidhan application in the house. The initiative will make all the proceedings in the house paperless.

National e-Vidhan Application is a device neutral and member centric application created to equip them to handle diverse House Business smartly by putting entire information regarding member contact details, rules of procedure, list of business, notices, bulletins, bills, starred/unstarred questions and answers, papers laid, committee reports etc. in their hand held devices/ tablets and equip all Legislatures/ Departments to handle it efficiently.

Assembly Speaker PD Sona said that though the e-vidhan application has started functioning, the Assembly proceedings will go fully paperless from the next session as all the members are not acquainted with the new technology.

State’s Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein, who also holds the Finance portfolio, is likely to present the Budget Estimates for the fiscal year 2020-21 on Wednesday.

MLA Ninong Ering during the short hour discussion raised the issue regarding “No Party System for Panchayat Election”.

Ninong Ering quoting Pt Jawaharlal Nehru said that administration has gone down to the grassroots level. He said Gandhiji used to advocate self-governance and J P Narayan and Bhodan movement pioneer Vinoba Bhabe had the ideas that should come from village level. Supporting for a no party election in the panchayat Mr. Ering said that it will give more power to the people and also produce good leaders. Most of the members opposed the idea and sought no change in the existing system.

Panchayati Raj Minister later said the state government is ready for the panchayat polls in the state and has also informed the state election commission for conducting the election very soon. He said that government is not in a position to amend the existing system and change the election process to a no party system. He said the coming Panchayat poll will be held in party-based system.

The Arunachal Pradesh Property (Prevention of Damage and Loss) Bill 2020 was introduced in the house. After MLA Kento Jini withdrew the private Member Resolution, Speaker PD Sona adjourned the house for the day.


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