Arunachal: Director Panchayati Raj clarifies issues related with panchayat election


Director , Panchayati Raj, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh, Jalas Pertin has clarifies several issues pertaining to the upcoming panchayat election of state.


Briefing the media, Director Pertin said that the last panchayat election was held in 2013 and now fresh election supposed to be held but got delayed due to several reason. The population of state is less than 20 lakhs and as per constitution of India 73rd amendment there, Three tier system could not be allowed , hence we have to adopt two tier system and due to which the election after 2013 could not be held timely. Notification to the effect has already been issued by the state government. Pertin said.

During 2013 election there was only 17 district in state and now we have 25 district. Before conducting of panchayat election  the delimitation of assembly constituency has almost completed.

As of now we have 245 Zila parishad constituency for 25 Zila parishad chairperson ,  and 8436 Gram panchayat constituency  for 2015 Gram panchayat,  He informed.

The special summery revision of electoral roll of panchayat Raj/municipalities with reference to 1st January 2020 has also been done and final electoral roll has been published on December 2nd 2019  Pertin said.

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The Act and Rule has almost completed and legal batting is also done and only left is reprinting. Before starting for the election we started with mass election campaign and Pre-panchayat election was held at Itanagar wherein several officers from all the district was trained with panchayat election.

These officers will now trained several aspirants in their respective district and blocks so that good panchayat leader come up. It is expected that within next fifteen day around twenty five thousand probable aspirants get such training in various parts of state. we are providing fund for the same and are being deposited to various DPDO of various district. He said.

With reference to the population, Pertin said after special revision we have around 14 lakhs population in state and all these population will elect Zila parishad, gram panchayat and municipalities in the state.

Refereeing to several guidelines related to academic qualification required for candidates circulating in the social media, Pertin clarified that it is totally wrong, and only a rumor. As per section 57 of panchayati Raj act 1997 says that there is no such academic qualification is required for panchayat election. Anyone who attain the age of 21 years of age can contest election. However there would be reservation proviso which can be done at the district level. He added.

We have empowered the respective Deputy commissioner for 33 % reservation of seats for women candidate for Gram Panchayat seats but for Zila parishad chairperson would be done at state level.  There would be reservation for women in eight district and tentatively all the new district may have women reservation seat for Zila parishad chairperson.

It is to mention that the polling of panchayati Raj was held in May 16 and first time for two municipal bodies one at Pasighat while other at Itanagar was also held simultaneously. There were three tier body in panchayati Raj system which include Zila Parishad, Anchal Samiti and Gram Panchayat while the voters of Itanagar and Pasighat directly elected Councilor who later elected Dy chief Councilor and Chief councilor respectively.

There were 30 wards in Itanagar and 10 wards in Pasighat municipality respectively.


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