Itanagar: City Market remains closed after confusion over a Viral Audio clip

The Market of twin capital city remains closed after confusion over a Viral Audio clip goes viral in social media. SP appeal traders to do their business as normal. 


Capital SP Tumme Amo said that the situation in the capital complex is normal  and urged upon all the traders to come out and continue their business as normal without any fear.

“We have deployed sufficient forces to tackle any law and order issue, and there is no threat as stated in a audio clip, which is viral in social media,” said SP.

It must be mention here that “SP’s appeal came after most of the shops were shutdown on Friday possibly due to the purported audio clip of Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) president and a contesting candidate Yumlam Achung went viral on social media.

In the audio, Achung is telling the shopkeepers to remain their shops shut till he gives further update.  He stated that there is possibility of post election violence in the capital and advised the members not to open their shops.

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SP informed that there is no such threat and assured of providing protection to the denizens.

He further informed that the sufficient forces have been deployed round the clock, so as to check any low and order problem at night as well.

He further said, “I have spoken to Achung as well, and he has made clarification that the audio was meant only for community discussion and was not expected to share outside the group.”

“He has also issued another audio clip , clarifying that it was for the particular group,” said SP.

As per the SP, Yumlam Achung has clarified that the view was his own presumption which was  shared in his group for possible outcome.

However many people on the Vote counting day remain at home watching Television to gets updates of the election results, Amo added.

Meanwhile, BJP Capital unit President Tarh Soping has condemned such circulation of audio clip and apprises the matter to the capital district administration and capital police through a written complaint.


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