Youth Paragons of Arunachal Applauded by Rajiv Gandhi University

The University conferred the title of ‘Youth Paragon’ to three Youth Icons of Arunachal Pradesh.

ITANAGAR- ‘Recognizing Youth Paragons for Nation Building’ organized by Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh and conducted by the Institute of Distance Education, RGU, served as a quintessential modus operandi to celebrate and recognize the role of youth in the society, on the occasion of International Youth Day on the 12th of August, 2021.

The University conferred the title of ‘Youth Paragon’ to three Youth Icons of Arunachal Pradesh. The title of ‘Youth Paragon Social Work’ was conferred to Mr. Ramesh Jeke for his selfless contribution in creating awareness among the youth on the benefits and need of blood donation. He has organised many successful blood donation camps across the state which has helped many people in the hour of need.

‘Youth Paragon Sports’ was bestowed to Everester Tashi Yangzom, who holds the distinction of being the first Indian Women to defeat Everest in the year 2021. Yumpi Padu was bequeathed with the title of ‘Youth Paragon Entrepreneurship’ for her success as an entrepreneur.

Her accomplishment as the proprietor of Vinayak Enterprise, Itanagar is an inspiration to the youth to propel themselves on the path of self-reliance. The program was organised in the form of an online webinar considering the COVID SOP’s in place. The University plans to make it an annual event every year from now on.

The citations to the young icons were awarded online by Prof. Saket Kushwaha, the honourable Vice Chancellor of RGU. Speaking on the occasion he thanked all the three invitees individually for their service to the society.

He appreciated the crucial role played by these young people “in reaching out to those who are unreachable”.” Very soon we are going to start official program on a larger scale to make this a tangible initiative, thereby creating a large platform from Arunachal Pradesh for addressing national issues”, he said.

He pointed out that the youth has three faces. The first face is that of childhood as the young generation is the mirror image of their childhood, the second is the current image which they possess and finally the face they would see in a few years. Thus, they are also a projection of their parents.

This increases the responsibility of the young generation. He stressed on the need for everyone to do their part in the service to Mother Nature.  Talking about the process of natural evolution the VC said any species that does not do its part has become extinct.

The human species should be careful as to not fall into this category, he said. In this context he said that the young generation has a greater responsibility as to become “job givers rather than job seekers.” The need of the hour is to stop complaining and figure out the solution, only then can this nation move ahead to its epitome, he said.

The Registrar of the University, Dr. N. T. Rikam said that the role of the youth of the society has multiplied in the wake of the crisis the world is facing today due to COVID-19. The goal of the youth in the present situation should be individual development keeping in mind the larger good of the society. Voluntary contribution of the youth in the progress of the social cause will have a huge impact in making the world come out of this panic state. The Pro VC of the University, Prof. Amitava Mitra said, “youth is the heartbeat of the nation.

It may be noted that India has the largest young population in the whole world. 70 percent of the Indian population is under the age of 35”. The nation can tap into this reservoir of energy for the betterment of the nation.

The virtual podium was also shared by the limelight of the program, the three young icons of the state. All of them thanked the University for the kind gesture of decorating them with this citation. They shared their experiences on how they grew to be in this position.

They derived inspiration from this program and they said they would continue doing the same.  The program was designed and coordinated by Moyir Riba, Assistant Professor, IDE, RGU

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