Arunachal: two days pen-down strike was success- CoSAAP

CoSAAP claim 1st phase of pen down strike was successful, appeal not to politicise this movement.



CoSAAP while clarifying its stand on the 1st phase of the democratic movement of pen down and tool down strike said that ‘our democratic movement is 100 % success across the state’. we have no attachment with any political party. We are government servant and working under the state government .

CoSAAP President Pate Marik while taking to media said that the employees were 100 % participated in non cooperation movement of its genuine demand of the employees. These demands are not new but we are pursuing it for last many years together. Several round of talks have been organised with government in this regards, but in vain.

The government is making an eyewash to the public and employees to demoralised the employees and nullified the statement of the chief secretary that the movement have less impact.

While clarifying the chief Minister statement made in a party rally at Pasighat, Marik said the movement is not by few but a united demand of the state employees, the young chief minister might be misguided as we are pursuing the matter and several round of talks have taken place with the government.

He said that that our demand are genuine and it is an entitlement for the employees and we are demanding as per adopted in Central Pay Commission by the state government, if it is implemented in phase manner we might be have been excepted but alleging that it is of vested interest is not at all true. Marik said.

The democratic movement was not taken abruptly and recently but it was a decision taken much earlier in the month of April last and ample time was given to state government.

If there is financial constraint  why the central government employees working in state have been given allowance and they are getting more benefit in name of North East allowance, HRA/TA/ TLA/CEA etc.

He said we are demanding our entitlement and genuine demand. We shall continue to demand with the state government who are our parents and no other should politicise our democratic movement and one should not try to derail our movement which is with the government and employees. We would continue our 2nd phase of democratic movement. Marik claimed.

Secretary General Gonya Riba said that we don’t want to continue our agitation but the state government should work out for solution of our genuine demand of the employees.  While apologising the citizens of state if any inconvenient cause due to pen down and tool down movement.

While citing the CM statement that revenue generation have been increased due to sincere works of the employees and said that all the schemes like ‘sarkar apke duar’ and many other schemes are implemented by the employees and we should be given our legitimate and genuine demand.

All India state government employees federation and CoSAAP Advisor R Mohan said that the employees are not demanding anything wrong and within the constitutional right. We are part of state government and not fighting against the state government but for our genuine demand.

Spokesperson Tage Grayu while claimed that our fight is with our employer as we being the employees and our demand and democratic movement is for our genuine demand and we shall continue to do so while no one should take due advantage of our democratic movement. Graye added.


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