VIRAL VIDEO: Girl Kisses Her Pet Snake, netizens can’t calm

The video was uploaded on Instagram by the user ‘royal_pythons_’ with the caption: “Love my snake!”.

VIRAL VIDEO: A video is going viral on social media where a girl could be seen cuddling and kissing her pet snake. The video was uploaded on Instagram by the user ‘royal_pythons_’  with the caption: “Love my snake!”.


In the viral video, a girl could be seen chilling on a couch with her pet snake lying on her. When the snake’s tiny head was near the girl’s mouth, she kissed its chin and its mouth opened in surprise. The girl imitated her snake’s shocked face.

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She then laughs and tells her snake, “I love you,” and kisses it again. This is when the snake relaxed and closed its mouth. After that in the video, it can be seen that the reptile rests its head on the girl’s cheek and moved as if saying it loves her too. The girl then reacts to her pet’s adorable gesture saying, “Awww.”


Social media users are commenting on this adorable video with heart signs and shocked face emojis. However, some even showed their shock as to how anyone could kiss something as creepy as a snake.

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People online loved this small encounter between the girl and the snake. They gave all sorts of heart reactions. On the other hand some couldn’t understand how anyone could kiss someone as creepy as a snake.

Not just that, the video has already garnered over 9,500 likes. The bond between an animal with its human is absolutely adorable. It really doesn’t matter what sort of animal it is. What do you think?


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