VIRAL VIDEO:  A Restaurant in Delhi denies entry to woman in Saree

Today in our Viral Video section:   Aquila restaurant in Delhi allegedly denied entry to a woman who was wearing a Saree. An undated and unverified video of a woman asking the staff at a hotel if saree is allowed has gone viral in social media .

“Show me that saree is not allowed,” a woman is heard asking the staff. When she repeats it, a female staff member responds, “Ma’am, we allow only smart casuals and saree does not come under smart casuals. That’s it!”


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The incident is said to have happened at Aquila restaurant in Delhi.

Journalist Anita Chaudhry, miffed with this incident, uploaded the video of her experience on Facebook with the caption, “Listen carefully to this video as there is a restaurant in Delhi where saree is not a smart outfit.”

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“After that, many excuses were given against the saree but I was not allowed to sit in the restaurant because Indian paridhan saree is not a smart outfit in our India, Bharat, Hindustan,” the caption said.

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“The humiliation that happened because of my saree yesterday was bigger and heart-wrenching than any other insult that happened to me till now,” she added in the caption.

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