Ratan, an elderly woman selling pens on Pune street to make a living is winning hearts of netizens

“I don’t want to beg. Please buy Rs. 10 blue colour pens. Thank you, bless you.”

PUNE-   A video of an elderly woman “RATAN” went viral on social media selling pens on Pune street to earn money for herself. Her integrity and honesty won peoples’ hearts on the internet as she shared her story through a social media post.

The story of Ratan, a joyful elderly woman, was shared by Shikha Rathi, who is an entrepreneur by profession, through an Instagram post. In the post, Ratan can be seen smiling joyfully while holding up a box of pens that she sells on MG Road in Pune.

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Even though she is aged, Ratan refuses to beg for a living and wants to make ends meet for her by working with integrity and honesty. Her makeshift box of pens has a sign which reads, “I don’t want to beg. Please buy Rs. 10 blue colour pens. Thank you, bless you.”

The Instagram post shared by Shikha Rathi reads, “Today I met a real-life hero and champion- Ratan! I had gone out with a friend when we met Ratan. When we read her note, my friend immediately made a purchase.

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Ratan was overjoyed and we could see gratitude and kindness in her eyes! She thanked us and didn’t even push us further to purchase more pens from her! Her integrity along with her sweet smile, kind heart, and her joyful attitude made me purchase more pens from her!”

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The comments on her Instagram post starting appreciating Ratan for her resilience and hard work as the post went viral. One user said, “This is beyond beautiful, I’m so inspired by her.” Another user said that they cannot wait to visit MG Road and interact with Ratan.

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