Elephant  joining man in hula hoop performance, Video goes viral 

Recently, a German acrobat Rene Casselly shared such an incredible video involving an elephant which has left netizens amazed.


Rene Casselly captioned the Viral Video Post, “Who did it better,” as the animal (elephant)  joins him for a hula hoop performance as shown in the clip. 

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The video opens up with the acrobat watching a video of another content creator, ToTouchAnEmu, who is famous for sharing quirky dance videos with celebrities. Rene then shows the video to the elephant and they both decide to do their own performance using hula hoops.

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So far, the video has garnered more than 1 lakh 53 thousand views and hundreds of comments. “The elephant did better bro hahaha,” wrote a person and “That’s a good friend right there!!” wrote another.

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The adorable video has astonished netizens, as the comment section is filled with praises for the giant performer.



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