Misuse of Passenger waiting shed


By Manoj Singh


The capital district administration and Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) need to take care for the passenger waiting shed which have been constructed for the purpose.

        Misuse of Passenger waiting shed      Misuse of Passenger waiting shed

It have been seen that the state government either by the Department of Transport and Sate transport, district administration and Itanagar Municipal council for the convenience of the local passengers but several passenger waiting shed either occupied by local people for their vested interest utility, some of them even after recent renovation and repairing are lying in bad shape.

These sheds are the assets of the government which need to be protected for the utility and in the interest of the common public of the capital complex

The local people say that these shed are constructed for the common public but few are using and some of them are useless while some are being misused and the VIP as well as administrative officers of district and state always drive on this road but do unseen everyday.


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