Itanagar: 7 arrested, 5 bikes, 1 Scooty, 5 LPG cylinder recovered by Capital police

After arresting of these persons Capital Police solved series of robbery case.

Itanagar:  In a major breakthrough, Capital Police arrested seven persons including 2 juveniles and recovered Bikes, Scooty and LPG cylinders from their procession. After arresting of these persons Capital Police solved series of robbery case, informed Kamdam Sikom, SDPO Itanagar.

On 09/02/2022 a written FIR received from the complainant, R/o C sector Itanagar, to the effect that on 08/02/2022 at around 12:10 hrs, while he was on his way to home some boys came in bike and stop him, after that they were asking money from him ,firstly, he refused to give them money, but suddenly after that, they beat him very badly without any valid reason, one boy started checked his pocket and took all his money Rs. 10000/ (Ten thousand). On received of FIR case has been registered endorsed to SI Sanjeet Jha for further Investigation.

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Accordingly, SP Capital Jimmy Chiram, form a special team comprised of Insp Simi, SI Jha, SI SK Singh, HC Marki Kamgo, Ct Shiplu Das, Ct Tago Ligu, Ct U Mili, Ct A Robi Singh, Ct Tago Thomas, Ct Buru Pali, Ct Hano Pai led by SDPO Itanager Kamdam Sikom. Team swung into action, and apprehended two suspected habitual criminals and intensely interrogated, both of them revealed that, they knows some young boys who are involved in this type of crime.

After 2 days of rigorous day and night hard work by the special team, a total of 17 suspected habitual snatchers, have been apprehended from different locations of Itanager.

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Later, police team thoroughly interrogated them and found that, 07 apprehended persons are involved in series of robbery cases registered in Itanager Police Station, where 2 have been found to be juveniles and released by the  Court and rest 05 have been arrested in the instant case.

 The arrested persons are Ngurang Tako (20yrs ) resident of  Nyokum Lapang Itanager, Dado Agung (21 yrs) resident of  Power House Raj Bhawan, Dindo Naru (21 yrs) resident of  Romi Colony P sector, Tassar Guma (19 yrs) resident of  A sector near Raj Bhawan and Risso Nyidam (21 yrs) resident of  D N College.

After arresting of these accused , at least  nine registered Robbery Cases have been solved .

The team has also recovered 2 nos Yamaha R-15 Bike, 1 Honda CBR Bike, 1 Pulsar 180CC, 1 FZ bike, 1 Scooty streak and 5 domestic used Cylinders.

All five arrested accused are in Police Custody and investigation is still on to find out more information about their partners in committing such crimes in Itanagar Capital region.

Meanwhile,  SP Capital Jimmy Chiram, appeals denizen of ICR to be more alert and keep sharp vigil to contain such types of crime and inform immediately to the concern Police Station for police action.


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