Arunachal: Individually motivated projects and schemes be discouraged forever- Pema Khandu

Individually motivated projects and schemes be discouraged forever, dubbing it as the window of corruption- Pema Khandu CM Arunachal Pradesh. 



Chief Minister Pema Khandu today chaired a review meeting of Finance, Planning and Investment department for strengthening the department and for discussion on preparation of budget for the upcoming financial year.

Chief Minister said the Finance, Planning and Investment department is the main engine of the government and its efficiency is of utmost concern and priority. He said public has given mandate to this government so that we come up to their expectations.

He also said individually motivated projects and schemes be discouraged forever, dubbing it as the window of corruption. He said recent cabinet has decided that all schemes and projects must be proposed through proper procedure and reflected in budget. Also individually motivated projects, which finds itself through SADA and SIDF scheme has been stopped. Such steps will enable for greater transparency in the entire project implementation process and unnecessary harassment to government employees and public leaders on account of individual schemes will be minimised, said CM.

Chief Minister also said inclusion of new proposals must be discouraged at the revised estimate stage and only the budgeted projects that requires additional funding may be considered. He urged the Finance department to focus on computerisation of treasury office. He also urged budget division to focus on payments through PFMS platform and over a period of time should move towards Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) through computerisation of budget exercises. To strengthen the department, Chief Minister said manpower shortage will also be addressed and two officer of secretary level will be deputed in Finance Division.

On budget preparation, CM urged for inclusive and realistic budget that should incorporate the aspirations of the people. The department should focus on long term perspective plan and accordingly plan the current year budget. In this regards Planning & Investment Division to bring out a perspective plan for the State. He also said immediately after budget is announced, works departments must get immediate approval of funds from finance department so that last minute rush during the fag end of financial year can be stopped. He also said on immediate approval of funds, the department can fully utilise the fund allocated for projects so that no funds remain unused.

Also present in the meeting were Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein, Chief Secretary Satya Gopal, Principal Secretary (Finance, Planning & Investment), Secretary to CM, Secretary (Finance) and Officers from Finance, Planning and Investment department.


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