Arunachal: Suspend all officers who involved in manipulating election process- Takam Pario

Takam Pario Demanded suspension of all officers who involved in manipulating in election process, urge ECI for re polling at Rakso and Raibalo polling station.    



INC candidate from 18 Palin Assembly Constituency of Kra Daadi district Takam Pario today Demanded immediate suspension of all Officers involved in manipulating the entire election reports to election Commissioner (ECI) from 18- Palin (ST) Assembly Constituency.

Addressing media person here at Arunachal Press club today Pario alleged that the all the incident happened in Kra Daadi district during election was created by Deputy Commissioner of the District. They failed to control the law and order problem at many occasion at various parts of the district during the polling process on April 11 and re Poling on April 27 which seems that the administration have played one sided role during election to give benefit to someone.

Pario said that Sulung Miji, DC  Cum Returning Officer of  18-Palin Assembly Constituency has played as main tool in preparing and manipulating the entire Election Process in both the polling during main polling and re-polling. He has completely played on the side of BJP and JD(U) with an intention to dislodge me from political race of the election by manipulating nature. He never even tried to give me general support even after proper submission of representation by me and my supporters at several points of time during the election process there at Palin assembly constituency. He even remain mute spectator of several law and order problem in front of him.

There is evidence he has hidden some reports of Presiding Officer and Sector Magistrate. And, though handling all the magisterial power of the District he has failed to control the breaking of law and order problem. Instead has given a hand in hand to goons of JD(U).

DC did not produce those documents  which was reported by Presiding officers of Rakso polling station and Raibalo polling station during scrutiny and also did not sent to the authority where it need to be send ie, Election commission of India New Delhi (ECI) and Chief Election officer Itanagar (CEO).

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ADC -cum AERO was also playing the role of tool for my opposition parties. It is heard through internal sources that the deletion/tempering of video footage of 30- Reibalo Polling procedure was done under his disposal. Which have in return, disqualified the Re-Poll demand of the said Polling Station. Pario alleged.

During re-poll on 27th April last at Rakso polling station was like almost captured by the JDU supporter by blocking the road, they did not allow to the INC, Candidate, polling agent, others officers and Voters and there is around 200 genuine voters were deprived who could not reach the polling station , they did not get to enjoy their fundamental right due to failures of District Administration.

Though there is huge numbers of security forces were deployed during re-poll but did not given any power to control the law and order whereas under age youth were disturbing and stopping the voters in middle of the road.  The incident were happened in front of DC , SP, DIG and Sector Magistrate and others but they all are silence. He added.

I have seen this kinds of incident first time in my life and this is BJP governments policy who is misusing the government machinery, Pario said.

Further he also informed that in this regards he has submitted a memorandum to chief Elector officers (CEO) on 12th may and requested for immediate enquiry team and suspend the above officer as an award for their good act during this simultaneous election-2019.

In spite of taking official action by the authority concern they have been release from the district and another incumbent have been posted.

He said after several evidence produced during the scrutiny and by protest of the voters of 18/38 Rakso polling station there should be re polling and the genuine voters of the polling station should have been given the adult franchise right guaranteed by the constitution of India to a Indian citizen during the biggest festival of democracy. Pario added.

Pario further rubbish all allegation against him by the opposition party for using of money and muscle power and said they are doing so to tarnish my image in the eye of the public. Whatever money and arms used which been seized by the police belongs to someone which were proof in social media is a matter of investigation and let the police do their job, everything will be cleared who were they and which party they belong.


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