e-SIM: the future of Telecommunication

No need to insert a SIM Card in your mobile phones.

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  • The good thing with e-SIM,  you will not need to change the SIM card when you change the operator.

NEW DELHI-   e-SIM is the future of Telecommuncation. There will be no need of SIM Card in mobile phones, and the mobile phones will work without SIM also. The eSIM allows a user to access telecommunication services without  inserting a physical SIM card into the SIM card slot.

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Today’s the mobile phone we use has one or two SIM slots. ……..but now such technology has been developed that the phone will neither have a SIM slot nor will you need to insert a SIM Card. Now the phone will work with e-SIM. e-SIM is the future of the telecom industry. If you take an e-SIM, then you do not have to insert any kind of card in your phone. It is activated through the telecom company, and in this e-SIM you get all the features like physical SIM card


But let us tell you here that this does not at all mean that regular SIM phones will no longer be used or only e-SIM will be available. This is not at all, but now you will have both the options of regular sim and e-SIM.


The full form of E-SIM is, Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. It is actually a virtual SIM card, which is embedded with the phone in the form of a chip. It does not require a SIM slot. All those services are available in e-SIM, which are present in the SIM card. e-SIM is the future of the telecom industry which is slowly making its way in India.

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If we talk about the advantage of e-SIM,  The good thing with e-SIM,  you will not need to change the SIM card when you change the operator. Also, if the phone overheats or gets wet with water, there will be no effect on the e-SIM like a normal SIM card. Therefore, the chances of it getting damaged will also be less.

Now if we talk about the disadvantage of e-SIM, then in case of mobile phone breakage, you can easily transfer the data of your SIM card to the new phone, but it is not possible in the eSIM device.

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The e-SIM has to be activated through a message, although many telecom companies are not currently providing such facility. Many companies have e-SIM facility but that is only for post paid.

That is why e-SIM has not become so popular in India at the moment, but it is sure that in the coming days you will get rid of physical SIM, because it has started.

Now you must be wondering whether our country has the facility of E-Sim or not, then let us tell you that Reliance Jio, Vodafone-Idea and Airtel are providing e-SIM facility in India.

The trend of eSIM card is very less in India right now because eSIM has been available only in very expensive phones.


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