The restoration work at Dree ground on NH-415 is in war footing



National Highway Executive Engineer, Naharlagun Divison Nani Tath said that the restoration work on most affected portion of road on NH-415 near Dree ground is on war footing. We have deployed three PC machine, 2 JCB and working day and night basis without taking comfortable rest and support of M/S TK Engineering is also taken for immediate completion Tath said.

Normal restoration work was not possible so it was better to create a passage/road for the traffic movement and for which machine have been deployed and earth cutting toward hill side began yesterday evening. Though the traffic movement have been standstill on June 30 night after the portion of the road alogwith the culvert collapse. However the traffic movement have been diverted through Papu Nallah Via Jullang and we are hopeful that passage road would be created latest by  Monday evening and traffic may be allowed from Tuesday evening provided all weather support.

PHE Executive Engineer, Tadar Mangku informed that there have been lots of inconvenient in restoration works on various pipelines of Itanagar and Naharlagun township. Fitters and mechanic allongwith supervisors have working round the clock for restoration of water supply pipeline at various locations and if weather is cleared the restoration would be possible very soon Mangku said.


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