Papu Nallah-Itanagar via Jullang Road need immediate attention of authorities


By Manoj Singh


Today only life line between Itanagar and Naharlagun is the Papu Nallah Via Jullang road which need immediate attention of authorities.

The state government have declared the Papu Nallah-Itanagar via Jullang road as bypass road for state capital and it would work as the most important connectivity between the twin city of the state capital.

After the nature fury on June 29th midnight and complete blocked between Itanagar-Naharlagun on NH-415  near Dree ground the only connectivity for Itanagar with Naharlagun remain the Jullang road and for commuters there is no option other than to go via Jullang.

The road is safer as there is no situation like of traffic jam and one can directly reached to Ganga Market but the road condition unlike other road in bad shape and need immediate attention.

Though the Parliamentary Secretary PWD, UD and local MLA Tehci Kaso alongwith Chief Engineer Katung Wage and other engineers of the Capital Division PWD B visited and find that it would need immediate repair and maintenance recently but the proverb itself is showing the necessity of the said road and  is presently in pathetic condition.

At several locations there have been landslide and the commuters are facing lots of problem in comfortable journey.

PWD, Chief Engineer Katung Wage told arunachal24 that it is very impossible to start the renovation and repairing works as due to monsoon fury. As and when the monsoon is completed. We have kept a JCB on standby and the mudslide and slips and when occurred are being cleared from time to time on daily basis and it shall be continued until the work C/O renovation and repairing works started.

When his attention was drawn toward a culvert near Pagatara Wage said that it is not possible right now, the culvert need to be raised, it is due to the earth cutting on the upper ridge and the slips and mudslide are coming continuously while administration need to take care of that. He also said that the tender for the complete renovation and repairing and its formalities have been completed and awarding process is being done shortly.


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