Arunachal: Guruk Pordung rejects Kumar Waii’s allegations on attempt to murder

Guruk Pordung rejected allegations levelled by Kumar Waii on attempt to murder by his workers and demanded re-poll at 30 Rawa polling station in 8 Bameng A/c.



BJP candidate of 8- Bameng Assembly constituency under East Kameng district, Guruk Pordung on Thursday rejected allegations and claim of his rival NPP candidate and former Home Minister, Kumar Waii that his workers attempted murder on him.

Addressing a press conference here today, Pordung clarified that may be an attempt was made on waii’s but it was not him nor his supporters who did it.

Pordung while refuting all allegations, in turn, accused Waii of instigating violence, booth capturing and hooliganism in a desperate attempt to win the election.

While demanding re-poll in the (8/30) Rawa polling station,  he recalled few unconfirmed incidents wherein Waii openly threatened villagers of  Rawa if they come to the polling booth for voting.

It is pertinent to mention here that Rawa village is inhabited mostly by the least known Puroik community.

In another case, Pordung informed that his two polling agents had to hide in mountains for two nights after Waii intimated them of dire consequences if they come to booth during the polling.

He also alleged that Waii’s Supporters haven’t even spared polling officers and threatened them of dire consequences if they didn’t cooperate with him.

“The voters including my workers are being threatened by NPP workers at the behest of the former minister, Kumar Waii. The genuine voters were debarred from exercising their franchise ”  he alleged.

According to Pordung, the fraud has gone to such an inexcusable level that villagers were asked to put thumb impression on the register while his close associate who was inside the polling station along with, Karling Waii would cast the vote on behalf of them.

In total, Pordung alleged that out of total 243 voters at 30 Rawa Station, together Kumar Waii and Kaling Waii cast a total of 236 votes.

The breakup vote was 232 in favor of NPP and 3-4 votes on the favor of BJP. Thus, a whopping percentage of voting stands at 97.2 percent due to booth capturing, he added.

Justifying his claims, Pordung claimed that not a single voter was inked by the polling official and even villagers are ready to testify that most of them were allowed casting their votes.

“The people of Rawa village were subjugated as slaves earlier . If such booth capturing is not prevented then the freedom accorded by the government to them would serve no meaning, ” Pordung adding that the incident at Rawa amounted to the “murder of democracy”.

He requested for concerned election commission of India and Nirvachan Bhawan Itanagar to intervention in the matter and immediately conduct re-poll as to save democracy and right of the puroik community.


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