Arunachal: DYC demands re-poll in Raibalo Polling Station

District Youth congress leader and INC election agent of 18 Palin demanded re-poll at 30 Raibalo polling station.


The Youth congress unit of Kra Daddi District on Thursday alleged large scale election malpractices in the recently concluded simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha election held on April 11 in various polling stations under the district.

Addressing a press conference, DYC President, Tarh Jhony who is also the election agent of INC Candidate of 18 Palin Assembly constituency alleged that opposition party workers incited violence during the recently concluded poll and unleashed terror tactics to keep the opposition out of the electoral race at (18/30) Raibalo polling station, but the administration remained a mute spectator.

Stating that majority of voters of Raibalo could not exercise their franchise on April 11, he suggested for re-polling in the affected booth so that voters can enjoy their constitutional rights.

Justifying his demands, he informed that the election process on April 11 had been completely hijacked by the opposition workers.

Also alleging that the SP and DC were working hand-in-glove with the opposition, he criticised the Returning officer cum Deputy Commissioner, Kra Dadi for submitting a false report to State election commission that election concludes peacefully without any violence and malpractice under the district.

In the meantime, he also lambasted the Superintendent of Police for his failure to contain the mass scale election violation and for playing a biased role.

He informed that already they had submitted a complain letter detailing vote-rigging by the supporters of opposition candidate and their hoodlum to ECI.

He said that sine Sangram Polling station where no such major incident have happened while inspite of proper report of violence and violation of MCC by the Presiding Officer but re-poll was not ordered and demanded re poll immediately .

Meanwhile, Biri Taniya , a voter of Rakso accompanying Jhony called for deputing more forces as a second layer to the forces stationed in various sensitive polling stations especially to double the security at (18/38) Rakso Polling station during re-polling on April 27.

Recalling past violence occurred at the particular polling station, Taniya expressed fear that if sufficient security is not deputed then there may occur incidence of bloodshed too as we have witness violence on polling date of April 11.

According to Taniya, during the last election on April 11, he was among those purportedly roughed up by opposition JDU workers.

“People of Rakso undergone experiences of unprecedented violence and arson during the last election held on April 11. A murderous attempt was made on me and on other Congress workers,”  the reason Taniya cited for demanding additional forces in the Rakso polling station.

Taniya informed that more than  300 volunteers of JDU with stick and catapult under drunken state ghearod whole polling station campus at Rakso and manhandled many Congress workers and disrupted the peaceful process.


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