Itanagar: BJP launches National unity campaign

During the launching of BJP’s National Unity Campaign , Tapir Gao said that after scraping of Article 370, now India is one nation with one flag, one law and one constitution. 



Arunachal East Member of Parliament and State BJP President Tapir Gao said that now our country India is one nation with one flag, one law, one constitution after scrapping article 370 and 35 A and now Jammu and Kashmir into one nation, one law and one flag for better development of the people living in the Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

Gao was addressing the launching ceremony of ‘ National unity campaign’  Jana Jagran meeting here at DK Auditorium here at Arunachal Pradesh Legislative assembly campus today.  He said that  that now the people of Jammu & Kashmir is happy with the action of central government led by BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a historic and we need to inform and explain the general people who may know about the good decision of the central government.

The Bill was passed in Rajya Sabha as well as Lok Sabha in the greater interest of the people of India. He also thanks all political party of country who supported for scrapping of the bill. He requested the lawmakers also to make such arrangement in their respective assembly constituency to inform the general public about the scrapping of Article of 370 and 35 A and creating of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh as two union territory.

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BJP National Vice President Avinash Rai Khanna in his address said that now one law is applicable for all parts of country. Scrapping of Article 370 and 35A was not done by BJP led government in a single day but the party was determined it for last several years and it was an agenda and now we are one and one rule of law which is equal to all. 370 was a big hurdle in the development of the Jammu & Kashmir region and now It was done by the BJP government for better development and equality.

National unity campaign state convener Laisam Simai, co-convener Kento Jini, BJYM President Taring Tiri Capital unit NUC Member Tadar Niglar, among other also address the gathering.

Deputy Speaker Tesam Pongte, Minister Honchun Ngandam, Mama Natung, Alo Libang, lawmaker Tsering Tashi, Jambey Tashi, Nyato Regia, Phosum Khimhun, Tania Soki, Dasanglu Pul, Jummum Ete Deori, Co-Convener (Capital Complex) Tarh Soping, leaders from various political party, NGO and other were present on the occasion.




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