Itanagar; Theft from ATM at rise in capital


Instances of theft from ATM rise in Itanagar  capital complex in a week. It have been find that there have been a precedence of theft in ATM of which is at rise in capital complex in Itanagar, Naharlagun, Nirjuli and is alarming the capital police who is getting hard to solve the episode.


It has been observed that many ATM in capital complex goes without cash and if it is there also it goes exhausted within no time owing to festivity season as there have been continuous celebration of one or other festivals season after Independence day.

Many ATM in capital complex have been find of no cash and consumers are finding hard to get cash as it is the last part of month many people don’t have cash as to get their monthly salary in the first week of the successive month for making expense of their family.

SP Papum Pare and Incharge Capital Complex Tumme Amo said that a case of ATM theft and vandalism have been registered at Nirjuli Police Station against vide case No-47/17 u/s-380 IPC rw Section 3 of PFPP Act of a thief and vandalism case at SBI ATM Located near old Veterinary Directorate Office at D Sector on 26th October which was reported yesterday.

SDPO Make Bui while said that such incident have also been reported from Naharlagun and Itanagar and case have been registered where the thrift use a new tactic burgling cash from the rejected box  after broking the box of the ATM compartment.

Such case is being reported for last one week where the thief use mask to cover their face to hide their identity and after entering the ATM booth they plucking out the CCTV camera installed in the ATM booth to leave no proof behind.

Though the barged amount is small and the capital police is working in it to solve the case at the earliest, CCTV footage is also being sought in this regard Bui said.

However, the thieves are yet to be identified and arrested, the officer said.


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