Pare River Angling Tournament held at Papum Pare


For the first time an Angling Tournament ” Pare River Angling Tournament”  was conducted in state at Mepsoro, Kheel under Toru Circle Papum Pare District.

The Pare River Angling Tournament was successfully organised by Tribal Adventure Tours with the support from local villagers, panchayat leaders, GBs on 28th October 2017. More than 50 anglers from Sikkim, Assam, Shillong, Kolkata and different districts of Arunachal Pradesh participated with great enthusiasm and excitement.


They were thrilled to catch the Golden Masheer which is the main sport fish in the world. The Golden Masheer weighing from 600gms to 6.90 kgs were caught by many anglers and then released. The local populace turned up in large numbers to witness and enjoyed the Angling game.

In the afternoon the prizes for the tournament was handed over by Techi Tagi Tara, Chairman A.P Pollution Control Board, govt of Arunachal Pradesh. The first prize with an amount of Rs 50,000/- was won by Richard Marran angler from Shillong with a catch of 6.90 kg. Second prize was won by Takom Darang from Pasighat for a catch of 6.86 kg with cash prize of Rs 30000/-.

Lokam Anand was adjudged 3rd with the catch of 3.56 kg for Rs 15000/-. While giving away the prizes Techi Tagi Tara appreciated the initiative of the organizer John Panye President APTOA and M D of Tribal Adventure Tours.

Pare River Angling Tournament held at Papum PareHe exhorted the villagers especially the youths to come forward to support and cooperate in such innovative ideas for promotion and development of tourism potentials of the area for long run Sustainable income. He also stressed up keeping the rivers clean and pure and immediate banning of construction of toilets and piggeries in the river banks.

He urged the district administration to take necessary action against such constructions. He stressed for keeping the rivers clean and hygiene for pure and clean water as well as good for the habitation of the fish. He also appreciated the anglers coming from different places to organize such Tourism events in coming days to create and popularise the Tourism potentials in various parts of the state.

In the morning before the tournament the DFDO Yupia Dayum Davi released 5000 fish fingerlings in the river with Toru CO, publics, panchayat leaders along with the anglers. He stressed for conservation of fishes from all kinds of destruction. He appreciated the organizing team to promote the ‘Save Masheer’ theme through the catch and release style of Angling Tournament.

John Panye MD Tribal Adventure Tours as well as the President APTOA highlighted the main motive of organising angling tournament in a organized way for the promotion of angling Tourism in the state.

Many anglers from different parts of the country as well as abroad are interested to come to Arunachal to do Angling in various rivers of the state which has lots of fishes.

The local people need to give good hospitality and cooperate the coming tourists for their safe and secure stays in angling spots.

Once this angling Tourism is popularise the local populace especially the youths will benefit with sustainable income generation in hosting these anglers. As golden Masheer is endangered species every one should strongly conserve this sport fish. He promised to organize such events in a larger and we’ll organized way with the support of the fishery and tourism departments along with other stakeholders. The tournament was witnessed by the CO Toru,other officials, panchayat leaders,GBs, publics,tour operators from other districts.


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