Arunachal Guv, CM extend Oriah Festival greetings

Oriah festival is essentially celebrated to evoke the blessings of Almighty ‘Rangwa’ for bumper harvest.



Arunachal Pradesh Governor Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.), Chief Minister Pema Khandu, have extended Oriah festival greetings which is celebrated by Wancho tribe.

The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Brig. (Dr.) B. D. Mishra (Retd.) has extended his hearty greetings to the people of the State in general and to Wancho brethren in particular, on the joyous occasion of Oriah Festival. He expressed his hope that the festival will strengthen the emotional integration, brotherhood and bring prosperity in our society.

In his message, the Governor said that festivals are the expression of happiness, empathy and benevolence. Our Tribal Festivals freshen our memories of age-old legends, traditions and ancient wisdom to the benefit of the succeeding generations for imbibing love, tolerance and assimilation.

The Governor further said that Oriah festival is essentially celebrated to evoke the blessings of Almighty ‘Rangwa’ for bumper harvest. It gives us hope and amply helps us to preserve our Wancho customs and traditions. This festival also instils respect in the younger generation for their elders and equally well for other communities. He appealed to Wancho people to avail of this opportunity to work in unison for promotion and rejuvenation of the rich and colourful cultural heritage of the Wancho Tribe.

On this auspicious occasion, I pray to Almighty Rangwan to bless each one of us with his choicest blessings, the Governor said in his message.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu conveyed his best wishes and greetings to the Wanchos of the state on auspicious occasion of Oriah festival.

In a message here on eve of the festival, Khandu emphasized on wholehearted participation of all irrespective of religious affiliations in the indigenous festivals like Oriah that symbolizes the distinct cultural identity of the community.

“Our festivals are our everlasting link to our customs, traditions and cultural heritage. In a world of extreme commercialization we have the onerous responsibility not only to keep alive our culture but also to pass it on to the next generation. Loss of culture is loss of identity,” he said.

The Chief Minister, while lauding the Wanchos for maintaining their supreme expertise in textile and handicrafts and traditional wood carving, prayed Almighty Jowan Rang for peace and prosperity of all.

“While making offers at the altar, Zang Wang, this Oriah, let’s pray for peace, prosperoty, good health and fast-paced development of our state Arunachal Pradesh,” he added.

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