Arunachal: Chindang festival celebrated at Nafra

The event was marked by a spirit of unity and celebration, as the Sajolang community came together to organize a grand cultural extravaganza.

NAFRA-   The Deputy Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Chowna Mein graced the Chindang Festival as the esteemed Chief Guest at the Chindang Festival Hall in Nafra, West Kameng, along with the Union Minister of Earth Sciences Kiren Rijiju as a Chief Patron of the Festival Committee. The event was marked by a spirit of unity and celebration, as the Sajolang community came together to organize a grand cultural extravaganza.

DCM in his speech commended the Sajolang Community for their exceptional efforts in preserving the traditional folk songs, local cuisines, and local cultures. He also emphasized the importance of embracing modernization while safeguarding the rich heritage of our indigenous tribes and urged everyone to protect and celebrate our indigenous traditions. The Chindang Festival itself was highlighted as an example of Arunachal Pradesh’s rich cultural tapestry, celebrating the State’s heritage and traditions. He emphasized the importance of preserving and promoting these cultural treasures.


Highlighting the government’s commitment to preserving indigenous traditions and culture, Chowna Mein mentioned that significant efforts are underway to formulate policies that ensure the protection and promotion of these invaluable cultural assets. Arunachal Pradesh, often touted as a cultural paradise for researchers, offers a wealth of cultural diversity that needs to be cherished and safeguarded for future generations, he added.

Arunachal: Chindang festival celebrated at Nafra, West Kameng

Mein also commended the elders for their pivotal role in preserving our rich cultural heritage and bestowing these traditions upon us. The younger generation should embrace the responsibility of carrying forward this legacy and ensuring the longevity of our cultures. Safeguarding and promoting our cultural traditions should be the collective obligation of our society. Arunachal Pradesh boasts an immense cultural diversity, making it a haven for researchers worldwide. He also urged artists, singers, and music composers to create songs using local lyrics and traditional music, thereby ensuring their continued vitality.

In his speech by reminiscing about his transformative first visit to Nafra in 2011, where he witnessed the immense potential and natural beauty of the region.

The Deputy Mein also highlighted Prime Minister Modi’s vision of a Developed India by 2047, encapsulated in the Panch Pran of Amrit Kaal. He further stressed the State’s commitment to achieving this vision and elaborated on the remarkable progress in various sectors, including highways, railways, airways, telecom, riverways, and electricity. These developments are critical for fostering economic growth and connectivity within the State.

Furthermore, Mein underlined the importance of development in border areas. Initiatives such as Frontier Highways, Vibrant Village Program, Golden Jubilee Border Illumination Program, and the transformation of border villages into model villages are indicative of the State’s commitment to enhancing border security and development.

Agriculture and horticulture were acknowledged as vital sectors, with a focus on boosting production and supporting farmers who play a crucial role in feeding the nation.He also highlighted the commitment to improving educational infrastructure and opportunities, ensuring access to quality healthcare and actively participating in financial reforms to boost economic growth and prosperity.

Arunachal: Chindang festival celebrated at Nafra, West Kameng

In addition to the cultural significance, he also shared some remarkable economic achievements of Arunachal Pradesh; Over the last seven years, from 2016-17 to 2023-24, the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Arunachal Pradesh has witnessed an impressive growth from Rs.22,100.00 Crore to Rs.48,028.00 Crore, representing a substantial increase of Rs.25,928.00 Crore or 117%.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the State’s Own Resource (SOR) has experienced a remarkable surge from Rs.1253.61 Crore to Rs.3,412.81 Crore during the same period, denoting a significant increase of Rs.2,159.20 Crore or 172%. During the same period, the state’s Annual Budget too witnessed a substantial rise, from Rs.11,535.65 Crore to Rs.29,512.82 Crore, representing a 156% increase. This growth in resources has allowed Arunachal Pradesh to allocate more funds towards various developmental initiatives, added DCM.

In conclusion, Mein appreciated and acknowledged the immense contribution of the Union Minister of Earth Sciences and MP of Arunachal Pradesh, Kiren Rijiju to the development of Arunachal Pradesh and the nation.

At the event, Union Minister Rijiju stated that most of the indigenous culture in the world have vanished but people of Arunachal Pradesh are fortunate that majority of the land’s indigenous cultures are still flourishing. In this context, he congratulated the Sajolang community for keeping their traditions alive in the form of cultural celebrations, such as the Chindang Festival and *exhorted to continue to do so. *He also expressed his thankfulness to the elders of the community for preserving and passing down the cultural heritage to the younger generations.

During the event Sajolang folktale movie title “Narsang – A tales of two realms and the audio album titled “Sajolang Gudang Muguniu” was released.

The event was also attended by MLA 7—Bomdila (ST) AC Dongru Siongju, former Minister, Japu Deru, Former Member of Pradesh Council, Rinchin Kharu Rijiju, DC & SP West Kameng, PRI Leaders, GBs and others.


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