Arunachal:  Diba Adi, the virgin mountain in Siang district

Diba Adi lies around 2000 metre above mean sea level in between Parong, Dosing, Pareng, Sitang and Riga villages.

BOLENG:  The members of Ane Siang Tours & Expeditions and My Tribal Tour had recently embarked to Diba Adi (Mountain) to explore the unexplored and virgin mountain in Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh

Diba Adi lies around 2000 metre above mean sea level in between Parong, Dosing, Pareng, Sitang and Riga villages. The place is very favourable for Mithuns (Bosfrontalis) where thousands of mithun from above mentioned villages stay in herd and feed on leaves. The villagers of Parong and it’s adjoining villages had constructed a rest house and wooden logs in voluntary basis so that they can have easy access to their mithuns.

The mountain peak, also having a lake (Diba Hi eng) is very ideal for short term trekkers. The adventure lovers would also experience the trekking through jhum field, orange orchard and cardamom garden.  One can see the snow clad mountains  of Upper Siang and Dibang Valley from the Diba peak. It is accessible from the said villages with trekking journey from 3 to 5 hours.

Tayeng Tamut, a senior citizen from Parong village said it easier to search their Mithun from the Diba area because the community had maintain very well and in organize way in keeping their semi-domesticated animal.

“Once you go to the Diba and start beating the wooden logs and trees, all the Mithuns from the nearby forest will come out in order to feed on salt”, he said.

It is surprising to hear from Tamut that even women folk from the village trek upto the last peak in search of their mithuns.

Kalen Pertin, Managing Director My Tribal Tour stated that the place is very ideal for adventure lovers. One can go for short term trekking atleast for two night stay.

He said tourism in Diba Mountain will be a boon for the villagers as it has huge scope for wildlife tourism, culture, agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry.

“Community tourism in Diba Adi can be a boon for the villagers. It can be an avenue for sustainable income generation for the youths if properly developed”, he said.

Michael Mibang, Tour Guide also shared his experience on recent visit to Diba Mountain. He said tourism can be flourished in the mountain peak if properly marketed, proper trekking routes are developed and  rejuvenation program for the Mithuns is implemented.


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