Arunachal: APCTA’s 2nd Annual Sports Meet concludes

The function began with a tribute to Dr. A. C. Jha, who had passed away the day before.

PASIGHAT-  The second Arunachal Pradesh College Teachers’ Association (APCTA) Annual Sports Meet came to a close with a valedictory ceremony on March 5, 2023. The function began with a tribute to Dr. A. C. Jha, who had passed away the day before.

Narmi Darang, the President of APCTA and an Associate Professor, thanked Dr. Jomi Loyi, the Advisor of APCTA and the Principal of Government Model College Basar, for leading by example and participating in all the events of APCTA. He also extended his thanks to all the participants of the event.


Arunachal: APCTA’s  2nd Annual Sports Meet begins at Pasighat

Dr. Tasi Taloh, the Principal of Jawaharlal Nehru College, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He congratulated the JNC Unit of APCTA for organizing a beautifully planned and meticulously executed event and for the wonderful hospitality shown to the guests. He also congratulated the organisers and winners and extended good luck to all for the next edition.

He expressed that the sports meet was not just for health benefits but also for refreshing one’s mind beyond the classroom. He suggested to include other events like football, volleyball, and cricket in the next edition and implored that the sports meet of the highest intellectuals had set examples of conduct and ended very well.

Arunachal: APCTA's 2nd Annual Sports Meet concludes

Dr. Monshi Tayeng, the Principal of Wangcha Rajkumar Government College, attended the valedictory function as a special invitee. He expressed that activities outside the classroom keep one more active and healthy and opined that professors were the torchbearers and ought to lead by example. He also offered to host the fourth edition of the APCTA Annual Sports Meet at WRGC Deomali.

Dr. Jomi Loyi, the Advisor of APCTA and the Principal of Government Model College Basar, commended the JNC APCTA Unit for setting a benchmark by organizing such a well-planned and meticulous meet that received appreciation from all the participants. He announced and thanked Doni Polo Government College, Kamki, for offering to host the third edition of the annual sports meet. He also encouraged all colleges to participate more and more not only for the health benefits but also for camaraderie among the faculty members of various colleges.

In the two-day annual sports meet, the following winners were declared in the badminton competitions:
1. Men’s Doubles-
Winner: Rico Mihu & Abba Pulu (IGGC, Tezu)
Runner-up: Nending Ommo and Joba Riba (DNGC, Itanagar)
2. Women’s Doubles
Winner: Drema Lhamu & Hage Yalu (JNC, Pasighat)
Runner-up: Obinam Tayeng & Liha Mena (JNC, Pasighat)
3. Mixed Doubles
Winner: Getum Tanggu & Doge Ngomdir (DPGC, Kamki)
Runner-up: Pokjum Yomgam & Hage Yalu (JNC, Pasighat)
4. Men’s Singles
Winner: Rico Mihu (IGGC, Tezu)
Runner-up: Teli Momu (GC Yachuli)
5. Women’s Singles
Winner: Drema Lhamu (JNC, Pasighat)
Runner-up: Doge Ngomdir (DPGC, Kamki)

Rico Mihu (IGGC Tezu) and Drema Lhamu (JNC Pasighat) were awarded Player of the Tournament for men and women categories, respectively. JNC Pasighat was declared the overall champion of the meet.

A plantation drive ny the participants was organised to mark the occasion of the sports meet. Additionally, a futsal match was held between the JNC Sporting Club (JNCSC) and participants from other colleges, with JNCSC emerging as the winners by a score of 4-3.

The second edition of the meet concluded with a Karaoke competition and a grand dinner hosted by Dr. Taloh, the Principal of JNC. The results of the Karaoke competition were not yet announced at the time this report was filed.


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