Itanagar: AYP symposium suggests electoral reforms in student elections

There should be some limitations, or criteria, perhaps age, and marital status in student politics..............

ITANAGAR-  Electoral reforms in student union elections took center stage on the second day of the two-day state-level symposium organized by the Arunachal Youth parliament (AYP).


Speaking during the panel discussion on the topic ‘Student politics and beyond: Unlocking the potential of young people in Arunachal,’ Gumjum Haider, State Information Commissioner, suggested that there should be reforms in student organizations, be it community, district, or state level.

There should be some limitations, or criteria, perhaps age, and marital status in student politics, he suggested.

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Advocate SD Loda who was also one of the panelists said “We have to unlock our potential, the potential is within us and the key to unlocking it is also within us. We should work towards engaging ourselves to come out with productive solutions to our problems and it can only be achieved with the help of the government. Government cannot just say become job-generators to youths, there should be specific mechanism and policies built to redress this.”

Speaking on electing of wrong leaders to leadership in student organizations, he said
“losing a good leader means losing a generation because we cannot imagine a good society if wrong people are elected to power.”

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He also advised the youths to pick up the responsibility of protecting and conserving the environment. Any form of development should be sustainable, in terms of environment, flora, fauna, and the planet’s ecosystem, he added.

The session was moderated by the Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists, Vice-President Ranju Dodum.

In the competition section, the Dera  Natung College Itanagar most adjudged as the most disciplined college while Jumli Ninu of Arunachal Law Academy was awarded as the best student speaker of the symposium.

A feedback forum was also organized as part of the two-day event, wherein student representing their college and institutions presented their recommendations/suggestions on the topics of the symposium.

All the participants, including the title winners, were recognized with certificates.

The two-day symposium was attended by more than 250 students from across the higher education institutions of the capital complex region.


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