Khandu request Karanataka CM- Punish Culprit who Assault Higio Gungtey in Bengalaru


Chief Minister Pema Khandu has taken exception to the reported assault and insult of Arunachalee student Higio Gungtey by his landlord at Bengaluru recently just for using excess water.


While extending sympathy to the victim and his parents, Khandu today personally wrote a letter to Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah requesting his personal intervention in punishing the culprit who assault the Arunachalee Student Higio Gungtey and set an example to thwart similar incidents in the future.

Khandu specifically noted in his letter that though several charges were filed against the culprit – one Hemanth Kumar, a lawyer by profession – he has managed to obtain anticipatory bail.

The Chief Minister drew attention of Siddaramaiah towards the fact that every year, thousands of students from Arunachal Pradesh go to Karnataka, particularly Bengaluru for higher and technical education. While pointing that these students face racial discrimination in one or other form, he asserted that such discrimination ought to be negated in every possible way and dissuaded forth with.

He made it clear that culprits engaged in such kind of activities should be dealt with iron hands so that recurrence of such incidents are nipped at the bud and a sense of security is instilled amongst the student community pursuing studies in your state.

“I would therefore seek your personal intervention in the present case to ensure that the culprit is punished according to the law of the land and justice is delivered to the victim and his family members. I also would like to seek your kind assurance in ensuring safety and security of our students studying in various colleges and educational institutions in your state,” he added in the letter to Siddaramaiah.


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