Arunachal: All Pongging Students’ Union with village GBs damages more than 20 gardens of Marijuana


PASIGHAT-  While taking up strong measures against the growing drug and other illicit substance menace in the village of Pongging under Katan circle in Upper Siang District, the All Pongging Students’ Union (APSU) members with the help of village Gaon Burahs and Panchayat leaders damaged several garden/field of Marijuana/Bhang recently.

Informing about the drive, APSU President, Aku Tarang and General Secretary, Joseph Panyang said that, the Pongging village has now passed a decision to completely ban the growing and cultivation of Marijuana and Opium under the jurisdiction of the village while also directing its residents, especially, the youths to stop consumption and use of drugs.

“This decision was taken in order to prevent the further use of drugs in the village as Pongging village was past turning into a drug abuse village due to which youths were falling prey to the drug menace”, added Aku Tarang.

The Pongging village led by village Head Gaon Burah, Ote Panyang, Gram Panchayat Chairperson, Smti Otok Panyang and other village members under the active leadership of APSU members damaged more than 20 Marijuana fields in 3 days.

The village has also banned growing of Poppy from this season as the season of Poppy cultivation is coming shortly. The village has also appealed to the visitors of the village not to sell any drug items in the village and anyone violating the village directives will be lodged FIR with huge fine imposition.

The village has also decided to ban the sale of IMFL in the village and the mandate to ban the growing, selling and consumption of drugs was passed in its 20th August 2021 village awareness meeting.

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