Arunachal: AAPSU ultimatum to BJP, withdraw party tickets issued to non-APST

AAPSU served two days ultimatum to BJP for immediate withdrawal of party tickets to non indegenious people to contest local body poll in state.

ITANAGAR: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) today served two-day ultimatum to state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanding for immediate withdrawal of party tickets issued to two non-APST Zilla Parishad Member (ZPM) in Changlang to contest in Panchayat poll which is to be held on 22 December next.

Addressing to media persons in a press conference at press club, President AAPSU Hawa Bagang said, “We strongly condemn the act of the state BJP issuing party tickets to two non-APST ZPM candidates in Changlang, despite of our long appeal to the state government for exclusion of non-APST from the electoral poll in local bodies specially in panxhayat election and also deletion of voting rights of refugees”.

‘Arunachal Pradesh is purely a tribal state of indigenous people where Scheduled Caste (SC) and non indegenious people have no right to contest in any elections soecially in panxhayat and Municipal election’, he added while warning the state BJP not to play with the sentiments of the indegenious people of state and its right by issuing party tickets to non-APST just for political benefit.


“AAPSU shall carry out democratic movement across the state with first phase in Changlang, and the entire state if BJP fails to address the demand”, Bagang said while infroming that all district students’ union and other branch organizations are directed to be prepared for democratic movement across the districts.

Further, he appealed to non-APST settlers in the state to respect the rights of the indigenous people by surrendering the issued tickets, citing that the non-APST settlers in the state are temporary/refugees settled with specific privilege sharing no equal rights to indigenous people

Meanwhile, AAPSU Vice President (Admin) Meje Taku said that the union shall never compromise if party tickets are issued to non indigenous people, while appealing to all political parties of the state not to issue ticket to any non-APST for local body election and not to play politic with the indegenious people of state for political benefits. He added.


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