World Tourism Day 2021: 5 Unique Destinations to Explore in Arunachal Pradesh

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has selected World Tourism Day 2021, which will be marked on September 27, as a day to concentrate on ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth. On the ocassion of World Tourism Day 2021 we’ve put together Five unique destinations to explore in Arunachal Pradesh.



Mechuka is situated at a high altitude of 1890 mtrs close to Mac Mohan Line. Menchuka is made of three words: ‘men’ means “medicinal”, ‘chu’ means “water” and ‘kha” means “ice” in local language. Mechuka is fringed by lofty mountains and snow-capped mountains of Eastern Himalayas. It has a lot of attractions for the tourists with its salubrious climate and Buddhist Gompas, Gurudwara and hospitality of the local people. This valley is quite heavily guarded by the Indian Army throughout the year, and is not polluted which makes it one of the most interesting and cleanest places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. You can stay in government lodges or homestays that are provided by the people living here. You can also visit the 400-year-old Buddhist Monastery where you can see the ancient Buddhist statues.

World Tourism Day 2021: 5 Unique Destinations to Explore in Arunachal Pradesh


The Dong valley which houses Dong is one of the easternmost villages in India sandwiched between India, China, and Myanmmar. This is the very place where the sun first spreads its rays in India when the rest of the nation is still deep in sleep!  A remote place in the farthest corner of the country, untouched by our modern lives, pristine, and maintaining its natural beauty, Dong is a small slice of heaven. Nicknamed a “photographer’s paradise” the village is enshrouded in a blanket of clouds over the towering mountains that surround the area. If you want to catch a glimpse of the first rays of the sun falling on Indian territory, then you will have a trek to a place called the Dong Krong, up in the mountains. Trekking is the only way to get there from the village but the hike is truly worth it as the spectacle is nothing short of the best views you would have even seen in your life! Travelers make their way to the lush green, misty grasslands in Dong Krong as early as 3 am to witness the sunrise that comes in around 4:30 am every single day!

World Tourism Day 2021: 5 Unique Destinations to Explore in Arunachal Pradesh


Anjaw is land of Tawrah Mishmi, Kaman Mishmi, and Meyor tribes of Arunachal Pradesh situated on the north-eastern tip of India. Anjaw is a small offbeat town amidst enormous greenery, gleaming waterfalls, beautiful river streams, pine forests and a thousand other spectacular things. Anjaw is not a much developed tourist destination, but due to its natural surroundings and greenery, it is a place where one can find solitude away from the noise of the cities. Anjaw in Arunanchal Pradesh is a newly born district after its split from the Lohit district in 2004. River Lohit, a tributary of Brahmaputra flows by this city which situated 1296 meters above sea level and is the eastern most district of India; just 20 Km away from the India – China border. People who visit this place not only appreciate the beauty of the nature, weather and ethnicity but also indulge in adventure sports activities

World Tourism Day 2021: 5 Unique Destinations to Explore in Arunachal Pradesh


Anini is the headquarters of the Dibang Valley and is famed for stunning cloud movements close to the ground level! An untouched natural beauty, Anini has won the hearts of travelers for its beautiful landscapes, quaint villages, and pristine calmness. Anini is a destination for those looking to indulge in rustic travel and experiencing the cultures of the tribals that dwell there. Visiting Anini is an experience that’ll leave you spellbound for a long time! The disconnect from the modern world has enabled the town to maintain its rustic vibe and hold on to age-old traditions that seem strange to the modern traveler. Yet, it allures travelers with a certain mystique – of unchartered terrains, different people and cultures of which we hardly know about! Breathe in the misty air, walk through the lush green fields, and talk to strangers as they turn you into friends of the land!

World Tourism Day 2021: 5 Unique Destinations to Explore in Arunachal Pradesh


Damro Gidum, a charming hidden passage to heaven is located in the Mariyang Block of Upper Siang in Arunachal Pradesh. The longest hanging footbridge in Arunachal Pradesh sways softly across the Yamne River. It is hung between suspension cables made of canes and wires, with a pathway built of split bamboos for panelling as protection. This town is notable for the relaxed way of life of the people, which you may enjoy throughout your visit. It is recognised for its basic way of life, with thatched bamboo homes and a huge expanse of meadows. The structure is made of ropes and bamboo.




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