To Revamp the Social Sector, Arunchal Need One Time support from Centre


In a meeting with official of Niti Aayog Chief Minister Kalikho Pul asked the Niti Aayog to convey to Govt of India for one time support to the state to revamp the important social sectors like health, education etc. and also to provide support for infra-structure development for roads, police, hydro power, tourism, agri-horti and rail & air connectivity, etc to this border state.  Meeting was held at Golden Jubilee Banquet Hall, Itanagar on Tuesday evening.

 Pressing his point for special package for the state, Chief Minister said that the National Cost Norms does not work in the state as whatever funds have been allocated; have to face the reality of the state harsh topography, challenging climatic conditions and communication bottleneck which make the cost of creation and maintenance of assets extremely high.

 It is estimated that cost of service provisioning in this terrain is 2.5 times more than the plain area, as reflected in the State Development Report. This is not only due to high transportation costs, but also non-availability of local skilled and unskilled work force, he added.

In order to ensure dependable connectivity, he proposed to build a railway corridor along the foothills of the state for creating sub-networks linking stations in Assam to 11 entry points in the foothills of our state at routes like Jonai-Pasighat, Akajan-Likabali, Doom Dooma-Tezu, Margherita-Deomali, etc. For quick and convenient connectivity.

While divulging on air connectivity, Chief Minister seek their assistance to take up the airport project at Itanagar within this year, saying that this will be a lasting contribution to the people of this border state.

Highlighting huge hydro-power potential of the state, he requested the centre to continue and regain dropped hydro projects, as it has sent a negative impact on the power developers due to which most of them are backing-up even after investing huge amounts in up-front money, infrastructure developments etc. and thereby discouraging other CPSUs.

Chief Minister while expressing deep gratitude to the NITI Aayog and the Govt of India for reaching out to our State and making this visit, he hoped that the visit will have a deep impact in the development of the State.

 Chief Executive Officer of NITI Aayog, Amitabh Kant said that the Centre govt is committed to make Arunachal Pradesh a number one state in India as no other state has vast potential like in Arunachal in sectors like Hydro-power, water resources, tourism, agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. He said that Arunachal Pradesh with huge natural potentials is number one stable destination which provides for more progressive, sustainable and eco-friendly destination.

Kant further said, “the need of the hour is the change in thinking and in policy making”. He further said that state has the potential for high value tourism development but to tap the huge tourism potential of the state branded marketing and promotion is essential. To do that he advocated for responsible tourism policy by the state govt keeping in mind the “swacchta” (cleanliness) to make it one of the best sustainable destination of the world.

 He further said that the attitude of the present state govt under the leadership of Chief Minister Kalikho Pul is very positive, constructive and have a developmental approach. He said, “Developmental revolution comes into, when the centre and state govt work in political conformity”. He also said that growth must be accompanied by job creations.


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