Tawang:  Boy swept away in Tawangchu river


Tashi Khandu, 22,  of Sangdi village, Dirang was swept away by the rapid tide of Tawangchu river on Wednesday. Despite intense search operation by police teams & villagers of Lhou, still there is no traces of his body.

The young boy was employed as labour, engaged in peeling sand along the river bed.

According to hearsay, in his attempt of daredevil to cross the river bank, Tashi Khandu was in no time flush away by the treacherous river.

it must be mentioned here that in a span of one month this is the second incidence that a boy drowned in Tawangchu river.

Last month a teenage boy from nearby Lhou village drowned in the river, whose dead body was later recovered after about 3 days in decomposed state.



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