Arunachal: Papumpare DC appointed as incharge of PTC quarantine centre after cabinet decision

Itanagar-   On account of certain bottlenecks being faced in the quarantine facility established at PTC, the Pema Khandu Cabinet has decided to appoint the Papumpare Deputy Commisioner Pige Ligu as the Incharge of PTC Quarantine Centre. He shall be stationed at Banderdewa to overlook the entire arrangements.

In order to further strengthen institutional quarantine facilities in the Capital region, the Cabinet resolved that the BPL Housing Complex, in Lekhi will be converted into a State Quarantine facility within a period of 10 days. It has 590 independent vacant units with separate toilet and bathroom facilities in each units. Minister Education have been entrusted to oversee the implementation of the cabinet decision. Water Supply, Electricity and such other basic necessity would be covered under the fund.


Arunachal Pradesh has made Compulsory Institutional Quarantine for the students and people coming back to the state.

Further Cabinet decided that DC Capital Region will identify and increase the number of paid quarantine facilities in the capital region. Further, all arrangements with regards to hygiene, security and well being of persons quarantined in such paid quarantine facilities would be supervised and regulated by DC and SP capital region.

The Cabinet resolved that evacuation of stranded persons in Northeast region back to Arunachal Pradesh should be completed by 14th May 2020.

Cabinet also reveiwed the status of movement of goods vehicles, convoys, medical and emergency vehicles from check-gates leading to capital region, Hollongi, Banderdewa and Gumto

After due deliberation, the following was decided :-

Hollongi checkgate will be used for movement of goods vehicles carrying essential supplies for capital region and yje same would be supervised by CEO cum ADM Capital Region.

Banderdewa Checkgates will be used for movement of FCI vehicles, refrigrated vans and police assisted inter district convoy movements and same would be supervised by DC capital region.

RT-PCR testing made 100% mandatory for the people coming from outside. This includes the asymtomatic person too.

Gumto checkgate will be used for movement of goods vehicles carrying essential items for all districts connected to the capital region in the immediate western and eastern axis and same would be supervised by SP, Papumpare.

Government had recently constituted a High Level Check gate Quarantine Facilities Management Committees headed by  Ministers with MLAs as members to monitor  overall working of the 12 designated entry checkgates to Arunachal Pradesh and the checkgates quarantine facilities developed there.

Accordingly, Home Minister and Minister Education have been made the incharge of Banderdewa checkgate and are assisted by all the MLAs from 7 districts i.e. Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Kra-Daadi, Upper Subansiri, East Kameng, Kamle, Papumpare and Pakke Kesang. (Enclosure – 1)

We have decided to segregate returnees on the basis of green, orange and red zones and make arrangements accordingly.

And those sneaking inside the state from non designated route and not following the SoPs and not informing the administration shall be strictly dealt as per the laid down rule of the law.

Regarding train services – a decision would be taken after the end of lockdown – 3 i.e. after 17th of May 2020.


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