Itanagar: IMWA supports  AAPSU’s Operation Clean Drive- Yumlam Achung

IMWA president Yumlam Achung in press conference stated that “wholeheartedly supports the Operation Clean drive being launched by AAPSU”.


Following  several  criticism  in social media  that IMWA is backing, and indirectly giving shelter to non-ILP holders under itanagar market area, the Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) on Tuesday clarified that  it only appealed AAPSU in media  that while carrying out the drive, ensure that genuine businessman with valid ILP cards are not harassed in the name of ILP checking.

Stating it wholeheartedly supports the Operation Clean drive being launched by AAPSU, its president, Yumlam Achung recalled  few past incidents  allegedly manhandling and harassing of IMWA members and bsiness houses in the pretext of ILP checking.

The AAPSU recently launched the drive to thwart possible infiltration of refugees into state in the wake of publication of final draft of the National Register of Citizen (NRC) in Assam,

In a press conference, Achung said that the motive behind convening the PC is to clear the misconception among public that IMWA is against the  AAPSU move.

Categorically reiterating that it fully endorsed the ILP drive being launched  by Apex student body and district  administration, the association informed that  following  publication of the final draft it also conducted few ILP checking drive within its jurisdiction and detected more than 35 violators, which were later handed over to police.

The IMWA team  further assured that they are keeping a close watch on movement of suspected people  and their activities in the market and is always ready to help district administration and AAPSU in their effort to drive out the undocumented immigrants from state.


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