State Govt is planning to create Arunachal Pradesh Bio-Resource Development Mission- Chowna Mein


State Govt is contemplating on creating Arunachal Pradesh Bio-Resource Development Mission in the state that would steer ahead the Bio-Resource Development activities in a mission mode, said the Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein in a meeting with the officials of State Horticulture Research & Development Institute, North East Foundation, an NGO and Yes Bank today.


He also said that the proposal for establishment of North East Bio-Resource Centre would be taken up with the Govt of India to establish the Centre in Arunachal Pradesh as the state is very rich in bio-resource.

Mein said that the “Arunachal Pradesh has large potentials for livelihood activities under agriculture and allied sectors through which sustainable development can be achieved”.

He said that the people of the state should take up livelihood activities under agriculture and allied sectors for long term and viable economic benefits. He cited that in neighbouring states like Nagaland, agriculture contributes about 30% of the State GDP whereas in Arunachal Pradesh, Agriculture contributes only 12% to the State GDP despite having the vast land resources and considered as bio-diversity hot spots.  Saying that Agriculture can contribute much more to improve the GDP of the state, he urged the departments like agriculture, horticulture and agroforestry to come out with systematic plan and enhanced activities on Research, Bio-Resource conservation, awareness & training and skill development activities. By this way, farmers should be trained to convert the rich bio-resource in to beneficial economic activities.

Taking keen interest in the field of research and skill development activities, DCM also made a plan to revisit Rain Forest Research Institute at Jorhat with the state govt officials and scientists in August to draw a systematic plan for research and development.

He further sought the advisory and consultancy support of North East Foundation and Yes Bank in the field of Geographical Indication Registration, marketing, branding and promotion of the indigenous crops of the state that would largely benefit the farming community.

Egam Basar, Head SHRDI informed that the Research Institute is engaged in development of location specific technology suiting to the State agro-ecological conditions and on conservation and development of cultivation technology for local/indigenous vegetables and medicinal plants.

He highlighted the action plan of the SHRDI as per the budget allocation in this year and informed that the Institute will concentrate it’s activities in developing Quality Planting Materials for the farmers of the state. e H He informed that Arunachal Pradesh is one of the World Bio-diversity Hotspot with many rare and valuable medicinal plants native to it and further highlighted on the activities that can be taken up by the State Bio-Resource Centre in the fields of Bio-resource protection, exploration, propagation and it’s production for economic benefits of the farmer.

Bhanu Pratap Singh, CEO North East Foundation highlighting the achievements of NEF informed that NEF facilitated 10 horticulture products GI registration of NER viz Arunachal Orange, Manipur Kachai Lemon, Mizoram Bird Eye chilly, Nagaland Tree Tomato, Tripura Queen Pineapple, Meghalaya Khasi Mandarain, Meghalaya Memang Narang, Assam Tezpur litchi, Assam Karbi Anglong Ginger and Sikkim Large Cardamom. It also identified 11 more indigenous crops of Arunachal Pradesh viz., Mishmi teeta or Coptis teeta, Khekir ginger, Bebo (wild large cardamom), Talii ( Wild Large Cardamom), Khamti Aromatic Rice, Khamti Sticky Rice, Siang sticky rice, Siang Merook Sticky Rice, Mompa Maize, Chichir/Taapil-  (wild olive) having high antioxidant & anti cancer properties, Oyik- Local vegetable having high nutritional value & medicinal properties and Rahre- Local vegetable with nutritional & medicinal values. It also works in value addition training and help in development of farmers as exporters by imparting training, arrangging licences and connect with importers from Bangladesh & Myanmar in different parts of NE.

Yes Bank Senior Vice President, Pradeep Shrivastava and Assistant Vice-President, Ravi Roy also made a power point presentation on activities of Yes Bank which offers services on Food & Agribusiness Strategic Advisory & Research which includes Policy, Terminal Markets, Mega Food Parks, Bid Process Management, Value Chain Analysis, Process & Procedure Analysis.


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