Pul Allocated Rs 18.6 Lakhs for “Festival of Arunachal”

New Delhi

The “Festival of Arunachal” will be celebrated on a “grand scale” hereafter ever year on Arunachal Statehood Day in the national capital hereafter, with allocation of Rs 18.6 lakhs for the celebration to be made annually.

 Chief Minister Kalikho Pul revealed this in a meeting with delegates from Arunachal Students Union of Delhi (ASUD), when the latter had called on him here.

 “The celebration will involve all sections of Arunachali residing in national capital region and all nearby states,” said the CM.


He said the objective of the grand celebration would be to use the occasion to promote Arunachali art, music, dance, crafts, handlooms etc to the national audience. Also the celebration could be used to promote Arunachali talents in different fields, such as, sports, music, foods, handloom & handicrafts etc.

Further to bring feeling of oneness among the tribes of Arunachal, the Chief Minister urged for bringing out a common date for celebration of all Arunachali festivals in the national capital, instead of celebrating it on different dates.

On ASUD’s request to fund the publication of its annual magazine, the CM agreed to release Rs 5 lakhs and advised the students to focus on studies.


He urged them to not only look for white-collar jobs, but to explore other fields of study such as arts, music etc. The ultimate objective, said the CM, should be to pursue a career from which one could derive mental satisfaction.

He said he expects Arunachali professionals to excel in every field so that back home people would be proud of them. It is for this very reason, the Chief Minister said that despite without any demand put forth by the student community, he had hiked students’ stipend, release salaries of SSA teachers, hiked cash incentives for UPSC aspirants etc.



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