Online Interview with CM Khandu- Three “Es” to he bedrock of the development agenda

By Manzar Alam, Founder Editor,,   Former Bureau Chief ( Northeast), Zee News 


First of all, Congratulations for having completed your first year in office. Your government has taken huge strides since it took power a year ago in order to develop Arunachal based on 3 parameters;  Education, Electricity and Employment, The 3 Es according to your words.  Hence on this occasion, I would like to take an online interview with you.   My questions are ….

Q-1-             Since having assumed power a year ago, what are the major initiatives that you have taken for the welfare of the people of Arunachal Pradesh? 

CM:     When I took over the reigns of Arunachal Pradesh a year ago, I was clear with my vision of bringing transformational change in governance and in all priority sectors. My focus was on specific policy measures which would stimulate exclusive economic development and also lay foundations of knowledge led society. The overall priority for the development of the state is on three “Es” i.e. Education, Electricity and Employment.

To increase transparency, efficiency, eliminating corruption and red-tapism in the whole system, a number of initiatives have been taken that includes introducing DBT mode of transferring the benefits, to the beneficiary’s Bank Accounts, online registration for examinations, e-Human Resource Management System. A public grievance portal, CPGRAMS, has been set up to redress citizen grievances along with a helpline to facilitate the process. This will bring in accountability and efficient delivery of public services. e-Office is one example for nurturing transparent and quick decision making in public interest.

We are the first in the country to convert our State Cabinet to e-Cabinet. The highest decision making body of the state is now efficient and quicker with less expenditure in office stationeries.

A Chief Minister’s DashBoard is being created on an electronic platform to track the progress of key projects, including Budget Announcements; further, regular Video Conferencing with Deputy Commissioners has become the order of the day.

All Junior Engineers recruitment has been handed over to Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to check corruption and nepotism during the recruitment process.

We have created more than 4000 plus government jobs to fill the critical gap of manpower shortages in the public services.

We instituted the highest Civilian Award namely -“Arunachal Ratna”. The award includes a cash reward of Rs 5 Lakh with a citation.

Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Act 2016 to provide timely delivery of notified services to general public within the stipulated time period has been notified. We have penal provisions under the Act to penalise the Public officers if they fail to deliver the services in the given stipulated time frame.

Arunachal is a big state in the north east . We have around 26 main tribes and over 120 sub tribes. Rich in culture, flora fauna its also a centre for spirituality. Tourism is my big focus area. I want the world to come to Arunachal. For which promoting the state is my priority. We have got rail connectivity and my efforts are to built good roads in the state, uninterrupted power supply and clean drinking water. Health, sanitation and education are areas close to my heart and we are lobbying heavily with central government for new projects in these areas.

A number of flagship programmes of the state government has been launched :

  1. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Swavalamban Yojana
  2. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Bunkar Yojana
  3. Chief Minister Krishi Rinn Yojana
  4. Chief Minister’s Free Chemotherapy Scheme
  5. Digital Arunachal Mission
  6. Organic Agriculture Movement
  7. Chief Minister’s White Revolution
  8. Chief Minister’s District Innovation & Challenge Fund
  9. CM’s Rural Transformation Fund
  10. CM’s Helpline
  11. Chief Minister’s Adhunik Shiksha Yojana – Smart Classroom
  12. Chief Minister’s Adarsh Gram Yojana – one model village in 60 Assembly Constituency.
  13. Chief Minister’s Energy Conservation Scheme (Ujala Scheme)
  14. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana.

Q-2          On the occasion of completion of one year in your office,  you have launched a mission to eradicate corruption from Arunachal Pradesh, so do you think that the state was suffering from a corruption problem before you assumed office?

CM : Yes, corruption is one such menace which is deep rooted in the system. As I said earlier, my first and foremost vision and focus is to eradicate corruption in the state. A number of initiatives like extensive usage of information technolgy in governance is a step forward towards achieving this goal. Strict directives through Government notifications have been issued to report about corruption in public offices. I am confident that in the days to come, corruption or corrupt practices will be a forgone story in Arunachal Pradesh.

Q-3.         You and your cabinet decided to join BJP after assuming office, how  satisfied are you and your cabinet with this decision?

CM:       I must tell you an interesting story. I went to meet the Prime Minister after I was sworn in (that time I was part of the congress) . He met me warmly and told me that political affiliations should not be the reason to stall the development on the state. The BJP and the Prime Minister dont look at the state or North East as a milch cow. Working with the Prime Minister and the central government was a life changing experience. It was the will of the people of Arunachal who love Modi ji that we have honoured and I consider my self fortunate that I am with a great nationalist party led by hardworking and committed leaders like Modi ji and Amit Shah ji. I am committed to BJP and its cause for the rest of my life.

Q-4.         Having seen an endless string of political turmoil up until the last year, the people of Arunachal still live with a sense of unease with respect to the stability of the state government. What message do you want to share with the people in order to dispel their fears?

CM :    That was a period that Arunachal was fighting for its rights and existence. The lessons learnt are that people of Arunachal wanted a stable, able and efficient political leadership and a Government which works for the people maintaining transparency and accountability. My Government is aligned to the vision, policies and programmes of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji. I have ensured that political instability in the state has ended. We have a team of bright and hardworking ministers to take the state forward and we are committed to do so.

Q-5.         You have completed a year in office and still have four more to go, what initiatives are you planning to embark on for the welfare of the people and for the development of the state?

CM:     My focus point is to work on the nine vision goals of our government which are;

  • Good Governance; Achieving excellence in governance by ensuring corruption free and transparent administration.
  • Transformational change and not incremental in all priority sectors. Road, Air, Rail and Tele Communication to have a robust approach.
  • Thrust on inclusive growth and development “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”
  • Arunachal Pradesh as the Organic Hub and Fruit Bowl of India.
  • Arunachal Pradesh as the Centre for Wellness, Spiritual and Adventure Tourism;
  • Employment Generation and Skill Development;
  • Health and Education – quality access to all;
  • Arunachal Pradesh as Centre for Higher Learning and Research.
  • Efficient law and order management.

Q-6.         The people of Arunachal are still apprehensive about their government after having seen multiple Chief Ministers being sworn in and leave office in a very short span of time. What measures will you take to win back the people’s faith in their government?

CM:     Look, I believe in deliverance. When I assumed this office, my vision and effort was singularly concentrated on development of Arunachal Pradesh. This is where I concentrate and dn’t deviate my attention. It is for the people to judge  our government by the works that we have initiated and not towards the rumours that are being deliberately spread by few vested individuals.



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