Arunachal: BJP will win all 60 seats 2019 state polls-claims Tapir Gao



 By Manzar Alam, Founder Editor,, Former Bureau Chief( Northeast) Zee News 

Arunachal state BJP president Tapir Gao has claimed that BJP will win all 60 seats in the upcoming 2019 state polls. He also said that opposition parties should work hard so that they could at least win 1-2 seats.

Talking to, Tapir made these claims as former Home minister during Congress rule joined BJP. Tapir said that barring a few MLAs, most have already joined BJP. Apart from that, several leaders at various levels ranging from Gram Panchayat to the District level have also joined the party and according to Gao, this trend will continue.

When asked whether last year’s political turbulence has caused the people to lose their faith in the government and the political leaders, Tapir said that the BJP government under the leadership of CM Pema Khandu has taken various steps previously not taken by any administration for the betterment of the people of Arunachal and has thus managed to regain the faith of the public in the government as well as on our party leaders.

Elaborating on the achievements of the BJP government, Tapir said that decisions like setting up an East and West Commissary in the State, Completion of several delayed projects, establishing the Kamle and Pake-Kesang district, use of Information Technology for development and ending Bandh culture in the state has won back the trust of the people in the government.

During the Interview, Tapir was also asked what has his party done to eradicate corruption, which is one the most important issues for the people in the state. In his reply, Tapir said that CM Pema Khandu is determined to completely uproot the corruption from the state and the biggest evidence for that is his decision to handover investigation into the PDS scam over to CBI. Moreover, he also dismissed the current parliament secretary for education solely due to several allegation on him in teachers appointing process  and his inability in improving the quality of teachers in the state.  The governement has taken many steps like these to eradicate corruption from the state which has helped win back the people’s trust in their government.


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