Itanagar: Kumar Waii interacted with Arunachal Idol contestants

Minister Kumar Waii interacted with contestant qualified for Arunachal Idol season three mega auditions with senior artists of the state.



A first-ever special interaction programme for its contestant qualified for Arunachal Idol season three mega auditions with senior artists of the state was organised at DK convention hall on Saturday afternoon by its committee members Arunachal Idol (AI) under the aegis of Arunachal Orphan Care Society.

The minister of Urban Development and Housing, Kumar Waii and elite Nishi singer, Taba Yall Nabam attended as the chief guest and guest of honour respectively. The senior artist Neelam Pope Takar and Tai Gungte attended as the resource persons of the programme along with the season judges Jeli Kayi and Nokngam Lukham.

In total 188 contestants have been selected for a mega audition this year from all over the districts, who participated in the interaction programme accompanied by their parents and guardian.

Highlighting the basic element to set a print as a singer, the senior artist and judges asked the contestants to maintain discipline and take singing career sincerely, adding that consistency can bring fame and essential idea shift from ‘looking for opportunities’ to creating them.

During the interaction session, the contestant was advised to grab the opportunity and platform being provided to them and it was informed that apart from grooming lesson AI also focus awareness on drug use.

Asserting that the state entertainment industry still in beginner stage, Tai Gungte said the public mentality for recognising the entertainment business and artists need to be changed for good, with the slowly growing numbers of people following another profession apart from a government job.

Addressing the crowd as the chief guest, UD & Housing minister, Kumar waii emphasized the only mantra for success is to be patient and discipline for achieving greater height in any field. He also suggested the young contestants to never get arrogant or indulge in partying and alcohol when reaches stardom rather take the singing profession seriously.

Attending as the guest of honour, Taba Yall Nabam appealed Kumar Waii to materialized an incentive to support filmmakers and artists in assembly session. Stating that beside sportsperson, an artist from various field needs an upliftment and encouragement. She later announced to sponsor the dresses during the show.

During the programme, Arunachal Idol now a state calendar event was formally declared open by Kumar Waii and season two winner and second runner-up, Alar Dupak and Yami Puri gave a befitting performance.


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