Itanagar- GAWS resolved to work for promotion and preservation of traditional and culture

ITANAGAR-  The Gichik Abu Welfare Society (GAWS) has today resolved to work for promotion and preservation of tradition and culture of tribal society and abolition of social evil.

The GAWS in a two day IXth general conference of Gichik clan at Dree ground today resolved after marathon discussion and deliberation by senior and experts members  on various issue confronting the community and society as a whole.

GAWS President Gichik Tachu inform that due to Covid pandemic there has been vast gap in all activities and several sector  social sector, human resource development including the education and health sector is lacking behind.

Now there is a need of all including NGOs, social and political leaders and likeminded people have to come up and work for promotion of human resource development in the tribal society so that out young offspring do not loiter for government services and they can self employed and also become employer. He said.

Itanagar- GAWS resolved to work for promotion and preservation of traditional and culture

There was discussion on social sector which include black magic and everyone need to discard and we have to remain alert and think for future and work for all round development of community, area, district and state. Tachu said.

We have also decided to promote games and sports and to support meritorious students in selective field who can work for strengthening of Gichik clan, Nyishi society and state as whole. Tachu further said.

Several programmes which include games and sports, literary activities, cultural competition were held in two day conference and prizes were given away to the winner teams and individuals.

Social worker Thaji Gichak Kioji, All Arunachal Pradesh Goan Bura welfare association President Gichik Lalin, organizing Chairman Gichik Tana, GAWS leaders Gichik Tagum, Gichik Tari, Gichik Tami among other also address the valedictory function.


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