Itafort archeological site will be protected- Nani Tath

Underpass construction began on NH-415


To save the famous archeological site of Itafort one end located near Bank Tinali in Itanagar for which the state capital is named, the Highway Authority has planned to take up the work of underpass on the same road strip plan.

Nirjuli, PWD Highway Division, Executive Engineer Nani Tath inform media person concern for safety and security of the archeological site of southern gate of Itafort locate at Bank Tinali which is adjacent to the under construction four lane road from Chandanagar to Papu Nallah on NH-415 that we are taking up all precautionary measures for safety and security for Itafort archeological site which is a historical evidence which need to preserved and protected.

Tath said that as per road construction strip plan there is a provision of underpass box type measuring around 110 meters. The both side approach of the underpass shall be of 200 meter both side. There will be service road on both side of the underpass measuring around 510 meters. He said.

There will be roundabout on the said box at Bank Tinali where the vehicle would take roundabout and move toward their own direction, while vehicular movement toward Naharlaugn and Ganga will continue to move on without any obstruction.

The construction of round about and underpass would help in providing protection to the archeological Itafort asset and also in providing comfortable drive and also reduce the traffic congestion drastically,  he observed.

Though we have already started the work for building up of service lane, but we are anticipated that there are lots of challenges likely to be encountered in this cross section of the four lane road. We are anticipated that during the excavation many hindrances may be encounter like huge hume pipe, water supply line, power line, cables, telecommunication cables, optical fibers etc and the most is archeological site assets inside below the surface. We have  to make a joint inspection with all the line department before the main work of underpass is started. That said.

When asked about the status of the present progress of the under construction four lane road in capital city, Tath said that the stretch of under construction road from Chandanagar to Papu nallah is around 10.9 KM. there are two major bridges and 36 culverts.

The strip plan construction is based on the three types of cross section on surface. The 1st cross section is between Chandanagar to Rajbhawan in built-up are, second is from Rajbhawan to Papu Nallah in the open space area while the third section is underpass at Bank Tinali. There is provision of 9.10 Km of drainage system, bus-way in six expected crowded location  He said.

Meanwhile, TK Construction Engineering private Ltd Director Techi Tara when contacted said that we are on our job. We will complete the wok in any way before the construction period and will handover.  Formation work is underway and hope that the formation cutting in all problematic area would be completed by December 2019. We will simultaneously start for carpeting works also keeping in view the progress of the work. However there are few hurdles still lying to be cleared otherwise the work would be in full swing. Tara added.


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