Pinch death case- ‘It was murder’, says family member




By Manoj Singh 

The family member of former MLA late Ngurang Pinch who was found dead under mysterious circumstances on 18th of this month has alleged that his death is a pre-planned murder. Claiming that there are several loopholes in the case, the family has called for time bound investigation by the SIT so that culprit does not get time to destroy the evidence. The family had lodged two FIRs at Balijan police station in this regard.

They said that  “As per the statement of team member his body was found in the morning around 7.30 am. But it was informed to her only at 1.56 PM in the afternoon. Also the area where they were
rafting the mobile network was available. Why did they take such a long time to inform the family?  It looks like remaining team member had meeting and they decided to hide the truth in order to save the killer,” said Ngurang Yallar, the wife of late Pinch.

She also dismissed the police version that late Pinch died due to drowning. “If a person dies due to drowning usually water is found inside the body. But in this case it was absence. Also initially we were told that it was 8 member river rafting expedition. But she information about  21 people had including 7 girls. Why did the team member lie about it? This raises serious question mark. It seems everyone is hiding something and this is related to the death of my husband.

She appeal SIT to properly investigate the matter so that truth comes. She said ‘I cannot get back my husband but I want to seek justice for his soul’.

She said that everyone including family member and his well wishers deserves to know the truth behind his death,” she added. Further she went on to add, “Apart from the political rivalry my husband had no enmity with anyone.

Therefore his death smacks of political killing. We don’t say that the entire members who were part of rafting are involved but definitely someone killed him and therefore truth needs to come up.

Unfortunately members are evading us and are giving contradictory version of the circumstances leading to his death. Initially some member even lied to us that they were not part of team.  Only when pressure started to build up they accepted that they were part of team.” She said.
While welcoming  the decision of state government to handover the case to SIT but has warned that if investigation is not done properly they will knock door to seek CBI investigation.

Meanwhile SP Papum Pare Tumme Amo said that the Balijan PS UD case no 01/2017 u/s- 174 CrPC relating to the death of late Ex MLA Ngurang Pinch handed over to the SIT with all relevant documents as per the order of the PHQ on Friday last..


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