Arunachal: Siang DC opens world’s first ever ‘Short Height Men’s Volleyball Tournament’ at Boleng

BOLENG-  ( By Maksam Tayeng )-   The world’s first ever “Short Height Men’s Volleyball Tournament with Short Net Height of 7ft 2 inches in comparison to International Standard Net height of 7 ft 11 inches” was started today at Boleng general ground in Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh for players height of 5ft 5inch to 5ft 7inch which is being organized by the North Eastern Sports & Cultural Organization (NESCO).

Atul Tayeng, Deputy Commissioner of Siang District, Takum Tasing, President, Dosing Social Welfare Committee and Minni Lego, Principal, GHSS Boleng attended the inaugural program of the historic tournament as Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and Special Guest respectively, informed Er. Ibrahim Pajing, Chairman of NESCO.

Speaking to the players, Tayeng appealed to everyone to maintain the sportsmanship spirit while enjoying the tournament. Tayeng also deeply admired the organizers of the historic tournament and he expressed hope that the event will benefit many players in days to come also.

During the inaugural ceremony of the tournament, Aiyiangrunam alias Ibrahim Pajing, the Chairman of the North Eastern Sports & Cultural Organization (NESCO) and the initiator of the IP Height Classification (IPHC) gave out the motives of the Historic Tournament. He said that “Unlike Boxing, Wrestling, Weightlifting, MMA & its allied branches which have different Weight Classes for all type of people, most of the games & sports events like High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus Throw, other track & field events, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming etc do not have separate Height Classes for shorter and smaller people of the world.

Having no separate Height Classes in competition, they have to compete with taller & bigger athletes in which they are easily dominated by the taller and bigger athletes. Due to this great disparity, the Shorter & Smaller People never get opportunities to compete in many of the Games & Sports Events at various National & International levels which is a great injustice done to the Shorter and Smaller People of the world”.

He also added that “Had there been no Weight Classes in Boxing, there would have been no Marykom, no Manny Pacquiao, no De la Hoya, no Floyd Mayweather, no Sugar Ray Leonard etc which would have been dominated by bigger and taller boxers.”

Pajing has been very vocal on this issue since his school days and now he has initiated the IP Height Classification (IPHC). NESCO under his Chairmanship and has taken up this issue practically which shall cover many specific Games & Sports Events starting from Volleyball.

IP Height Classification (IPHC) as per North Eastern Sports and Cultural Organization are –

(i) Very Short Height (Below 5’ 4”

(ii) Short Height (5’4” to 5’7”)

(iii) Medium Height/Normal Height (Above 5’8” to 5’10”)

(iv)Tall Height (5’11” to 6’2”)

(v) Very Tall Height/Towering Height (6’4” to 6’6”).

  1. vi) Super Tall Height/ Giant Height (6’7” and above)

Based on these IPHC, NESCO will soon conduct competitions in other sports disciplines and in track & field events too wherever it is applicable. And these competitions shall be conducted at district levels in the initial stage.

Besides, Pajing has appealed one and all to do away with this huge disparity of the existing World’s Sports System in order to give justice and equality to the shorter and smaller people of the World. He appealed to all concerned sports authorities at the state and national level to support NESCO in its effort to officially recognize and implement this IP Height Classification in all other sports events like High Jump, Long Jump, Volleyball, Basketball, other track & field events wherever it is applicable.


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